Some Things Are Worth It

Ahhhh days off! Laundry… done, cleaning… (well as good as it’s going to get) done, great workout…done,nap…done,cooking and baking…done.

I ate way too many of these babies:

Recipe from Bella’s Bistro.

I also cooked up a big batch of brown rice, chicken in the crock pot, and hard-boiled eggs. I’m set for meals for a week.

Breakfast was a green smoothie of course. Lunch was fabulous:

Salad and ham and swiss squashed to melty perfection on the George Foreman.

Dinner was mostly cinnamon donut muffins followed by a late night trip to Applebees. I know, this is supposed to be a health food blog, right? Well some things things are just worth it! And I’m sure I burned enough calories laughing all night so I’m good 🙂

Here’s the damage:

Wonton chicken tacos

Veggie Pizza.

I promise, tonight’s dinner will make up for it 🙂