Something Old, Something New.

I’ve always enjoyed trying new things. My saying is “I will try everything once”. More times than not, I enjoy the new things I try and must try them again and again. On the other hand,there are the things from childhood that I grew up with that stick with me for the rest of my life. One of those things is stuffed peppers;

My mom used to make these all the time growing up. Why did hers taste so much better? Maybe because I used ground turkey instead of beef? Maybe because I cooked them in the crock pot for too long, instead of the oven? Or maybe because everything mom makes is just always better no matter what.

The original recipe is very simple:

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Italian Rice Salad

So, as a busy wedding planner, who likes to cook and eat healthy, it’s important to be able to create healthy, delicious meals fairly quickly. A great way to do this is to make big batches of your staples one day a week, and use them to create meals throughout the week. Today, it was easy to create an awesome meal in a matter of minutes. Enter…Italian Rice Salad:

I whipped up this Italian Rice Salad to take to work for lunch today, and had plenty left to take a batch to my mom. See how easy this is?

Italian Rice Salad.

-one cup cooked brown rice
-one cup rinsed cannellini beans

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