Back on the Health Wagon with Turkey Chili Rellenos

Today’s eats were typical of the healthy lifestyle I try to pursue.


Oatmeal with bananas and peanut butter.

Then to the gym for some weight lifting and running. I did chest,triceps, calves, and abs, and ran 3 miles.


A smoothie. This one had frozen mango, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, Greek yogurt, oats, flax-seed, and coconut water. I usually put something green in there like spinach or kale, but I’m going out-of-town tomorrow and just trying to use up what I have. Unfortunately, I just ran out of coffee and didn’t want to buy again just for tomorrow. So, I put the leftover coffee (I always have leftovers, which I usually dump…why?) in a mason jar in the fridge and will enjoy an iced coffee for breakfast tomorrow… Genius!!!

Dinner was a use up meal. I had 4 poblano peppers, one avocado, some grape tomatoes, half an onion, some peppadew peppers,leftover marinara sauce, and a lime lurking in my fridge. The result:

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