Easy Mahi Mahi

The hardest part of this meal preparation was making the salad:

I Picked up these Morey Fish Creations a while back because they were buy one get one free.

I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I took it out of the freezer and thawed in the fridge overnight and cooked it according to the directions, and it was pretty darn good. The nutrition stats look decent too. I served it over brown rice (the easy Uncle Ben’s microwaveable pouch), with a salad on the side.

I like to experiment with different homemade salad dressing. For this one, I used the recipe on the back of The Heinz red wine vinegar bottle, which was pretty good on its own. But I jazzed it up with some Trader Joes Roasted Red Pepper Spread. Check out Kimberly’s blog for some other great ides on what to do with this spread.

Dessert was another Trader Joes treasure:

Smashing smores. Yum, yum!