Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Giada De Laurentis has a winner with this recipe:
Shrimp Fra Diavolo

I served it over pasta (my favorite kind: Rossi), with a salad and a glass of chardonnay. It is the perfect meal, and is quick cooking. Perfect for a late work evening. Which was the case Friday evening.

Saturday started my “free weekend” season. Working at an outdoor wedding venue in Florida, we don’t typically have summer weddings. This is my chance to catch up on my weekends, and travel. This weekend was exactly what I needed. Relaxation and no huge plans.

Saturday, I found myself at a recent favorite, Tijuana Flats, for lunch:

Three tacos and a pile of chips with salsa, queso, and guacamole, with a bunch of hot sauces. This place is so much fun.

Then I found myself in the Chinese grocery store, and I’m really mad I didn’t get some shots of all the interesting things I found 😦 I only took this one picture of the “candy” (if you could call it that), I got:

This candy is the flavor of the Asian fruit “durian”. The lovely cashier did warn me that durian has a “pungent” flavor. I would describe it more as the flavor of dirty socks. I literally spit it out! Awful…and stinky, yuck!

To continue the Chinese theme, dinner was take out:

Egg drop soup (my first time trying…Not a fan), Hunan chicken (yum), and steamed dumplings (my favorite). What a great Saturday!

Sunday was more greatness. Coffee, grapes, and a copy of Whole Living magazine for breakfast. Then an early afternoon workout, followed by a small bowl of instant oatmeal for second breakfast? Then to hang out with my family for Father’s Day. I love hanging out with my loves:

She is fascinated by airplanes.

Did I mention there was ice cream cake?
And a bunch of other goodies:

Turkey burgers, and a nibble of regular burger and hot dog, baked beans, chips, corn,potato salad, watermelon, and tomato.

And grilled pineapple. And everything was delicious. Thanks mom!

That wraps up a wonderful weekend. This is a busy week. A lot of appointments with brides and getting ready to attend a wedding this weekend. It will be fun to be a guest for a change!

Back on the Health Wagon with Turkey Chili Rellenos

Today’s eats were typical of the healthy lifestyle I try to pursue.


Oatmeal with bananas and peanut butter.

Then to the gym for some weight lifting and running. I did chest,triceps, calves, and abs, and ran 3 miles.


A smoothie. This one had frozen mango, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, Greek yogurt, oats, flax-seed, and coconut water. I usually put something green in there like spinach or kale, but I’m going out-of-town tomorrow and just trying to use up what I have. Unfortunately, I just ran out of coffee and didn’t want to buy again just for tomorrow. So, I put the leftover coffee (I always have leftovers, which I usually dump…why?) in a mason jar in the fridge and will enjoy an iced coffee for breakfast tomorrow… Genius!!!

Dinner was a use up meal. I had 4 poblano peppers, one avocado, some grape tomatoes, half an onion, some peppadew peppers,leftover marinara sauce, and a lime lurking in my fridge. The result:

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