How I Get Back On Track

After a long weekend of celebrating, I needed to get myself back on the health track. So last night for dinner I made a giant healthy grilled (on the George Foreman of course) salmon salad:

Then I hit the gym this morning. I lifted weights (shoulders), did abs, and ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill. Then I came home and refueled with this pretty green jar of deliciousness:

-frozen half of banana
-frozen peaches
-frozen mango
-flax seed
-greek yogurt
-coconut water
Then I got to cooking. The best way I know how to eat healthfully is by prepping healthy ingredients so I can have them on hand for fast, easy, healthy meals and snacks.

Here’s today’s prep:

-2 salads (one for today’s dinner, one for tomorrow’s lunch)
-chicken breast on the George Foreman grill (took like 10 minutes, awesome!)
-brown rice
-hard boiled eggs.
Here’s my dinner, jazzed up with the chicken and rice, eaten at my desk at work before my late appointment:

Even though I love to celebrate and treat myself to goodies. This way of eating makes me feel my best. And it all tastes really good too. But I won’t be giving up wings, burgers or donuts. Occasional treats are part of healthy balance in my book.

How to Eat Healthy All Week

After cleaning and finishing laundry, I did my weekly meals preparation.  I like to have easy access to protein, grains and veggies so I can through together easy, nutritious lunches and snacks during the upcoming week.  Here’s my bounty for this week:

I poached a couple of chicken breasts in chicken broth and a 21 spice no salt seasoning from Costco. I would have made a lot more chicken, but this is all I had.  I saved the broth to add to a dinner later this week.  I boiled up some eggs, great for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Cut up and washed some romaine for easy lunch salads.

A pot of brown rice. I like to add grains to my salads, too.

And of course something for my sweet tooth:

Wonderful cinnamon sugar donut mini muffins from Jordan at Bella’s Bistro. I made them in a mini version and I only had 1/2 cup of milk, so I substituted with my caramel flavored coffee creamer.  They turned out wonderful.  I contemplated using those little papers, but it just called to grease the muffin pan.  But I had a little trouble getting them out.  Next time I’ll use the papers.  Of course I snacked on a few of these.

My other eats include a bowl of Cheerios with banana for breakfast.  A turkey sandwich with carrots and tomatoes for lunch:

Dinner looks like it will be leftovers, maybe with some pasta from Rossi.  We’ll see.  Catch ya later.