Comfort foods.

What are your comfort foods?  Mine are the foods I most remember eating while growing up.  Among them are meatloaf, lasagna, pot roast, stuffed peppers ( we called them stuffed mangoes, I have no idea why), cabbage rolls, spaghetti, fried swiss macaroni and cheese, just to name a few.   Tonight’s menu featured an old comfort food, probably familiar to you  if you grew up in Northeastern Ohio, the cream chicken sandwich, so simple and yet so satisfying.

All I did was put 2 chicken breasts in a crock pot with 2 cans of cream of chicken soup and cooked until it shredded easily with a fork  and served on a bun.  For my side, I had  2 more comfort foods mixed together, potatoes and cabbage fried up in a little olive oil salt and pepper.

And check out what I’m about to eat for dessert:

I can only describe this as the most delicious homemade snicker on the face of the Earth.  Carol, can I please have this recipe?  She made it a while ago, but I froze some for a special treat.  It is heavenly!!!  I defrosted it and it melted a little, can’t wait to dig in.

On the menu for tomorrow is meat loaf.

Maybe it’s the time of year, but comfort foods are what I’m longing for right now.  What are you craving?

Spice Cabinet Enchiladas

Does every one have taco night?  Last night I made enchiladas and they made for excellent leftovers tonight for dinner:

Here’s how I made them:  I browned some ground turkey and added half my spice cabinet: chili powder, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper.  I don’t measure anything.  I would guess about a tablespoon of everything but only a pinch of oregano and maybe 2 tablespoons of chili powder.  Then I added some leftover chicken broth and simmered for about 10 minutes.   I wrapped the meat up in some whole wheat tortillas, poured salsa verde on top.  Topped with reduced fat mexican cheese and baked at 350 for 30 minutes.  Served with lettuce, tomato, salsa, and hot sauce.

Now on to today.  Breakfast was my usual, then to the gym for some bicep and leg work and 30 minutes running.  It was one of those great run days, where you felt like you could just keep going.  Which I may have if I didn’t have to get home, showered and ready for work.  Before work, I refueled with an early lunch:

I mixed a little chili sauce with ranch, chopped up some chicken, added it to brown rice and micro’d.  Great combo of flavors!  I also had a hard-boiled egg that narrowly escaped the camera.  This lunch was at 11:00, so I took some to work, but never got a break to eat it. So when I got home at 7;00, I was hung ray!  Easy peasy, heated up those enchiladas from above and I was a happy camper.  A couple of squares of salty milk chocolate for dessert and I’m blissfully content.  Have a great evening!