Happy Humpday!

What a great day! I started this morning with my oatmeal and added a new twist:

I grated half of an apple into the mix before I cooked it. It was great!  I also used almond milk, cinnamon, flax seed, and peanut butter.  This kept me full for 5 hours.  I think it was the apple.  I also had a cup of coffee, which I do every morning, but I usually only end up drinking half.

For my workout, I did level 1 of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred and ran/walked a quick mile.  Then I showered and had lunch before heading off to work:

Leftover slice of pizza, the other half of my apple, and one carrot with hummus.

Work went really well. Right now, I’m just trying to get more familiar with the wedding supplies, and training how to quote and design weddings.  I snacked on half a Clif bar while looking at pictures of previous weddings:

Then after work my boss treated Jean and I to dinner at La Septima:

Yummy, yummy salad.

I ordered the “ropa veija”, which is a shredded flank steak in a burgundy sauce.  It was served with black beans and rice.  It was soooooo good and I could have eaten the entire huge serving, but I controlled myself and only ate about half.  I also had a couple of sangrias.  They were probably the best I ever had.  The rim of the glass was dipped lightly in cinnamon sugar.  That took care of my sweet tooth, so there was no need for dessert.

Now I’m home and getting sleepy. I’m looking forward to a productive day tomorrow.  Good night y’all!

Beer in the rear.

Good Sunday evening!

I took my best friend Jean’s advice and went running this morning first thing. I’m talking before breakfast and before coffee.  I understand why this is a great idea and I really want to strive to do this from now on, especially that summer time heat will be coming and there is no way I can run in the afternoon in that.  But I must say, I was dragging my butt!  However, afterwards, I was full of energy and ready to tackle house work and then yard work.  After my run, I had some cereal and protein for breakfast:

Grape Nuts with half a banana and Almond Milk, with one organic scrambled egg, and a cup of coffee. Oh how I love coffee.  After my house cleaning escapade, I made a huge salad:

Doesn’t it look pretty?  I used organic romaine lettuce, (I can actually taste the difference between regular and organic lettuce, I sware I can taste the chemicals) carrots, cucumber, tomato, reduced fat cheese, lean ham with honey mustard dressing.  I couldn’t finish this, but it was oh so good.  After lunch, I worked in the yard to cut back the dead frost-bitten foliage, then I showered and hit the grocery store.  I nibbled on half a Clif bar before to make sure I wasn’t hungry at the grocery store. We all know what that leads to.

-Quorn chik’n patties

-Amy’s Texas Burgers

-flavored non dairy creamer

-Almond milk

-Buy 1 get 1 free apple juice

-low sodium V 8

-brown rice


-whole wheat tortillas

-whole wheat bread

-reduced fat shredded mexican cheese

-reduced fat pepperjack cheese slices

-Cholula hot sauce

-Clif Bars

-ground chicken


-Boars Head Buffalo chicken breast lunch meat

-my favorite chocolate



-frozen broccili

-frozen peas

-lots of red peppers(on sale)


I was craving a Beer in the Rear Chicken.  This recipe is so much fun and makes the moistest, most flavorful chicken.  Check it out at this link:   


I can’t help it, I love chicken wings. It was delicious.  I also had asparagus and couscous made with whole wheat, spinach, and tomato. For dessert, there were these addictive little chocolate covered espresso bits:

They look like black beans don’t they?  I’m sure I had more than my fair share of these. It was so worth it.  My belly is full and my eyelids are heavy.  I ‘m off to bed and looking forward to an inspirational day tomorrow at Cross Creek Ranch. Good night.