Eating My Green

I carry my tribute to the Irish all year round on my foot:

Really it’s for good luck. Especially since there’s a black cat lurking in there.

I did wear green today, but I also ate green. For breakfast was a green smoothie.
Click here to learn about the green smoothie.
Really, you can not taste the spinach in a smoothie, just do it and get your greens.

Dinner was anything but Irish. I added some peas and spinach to the dish just for fun. And let’s face it, I have been eating a lot of chocolate lately and not so many greens, and whole grains. So I put on my apron this St. Patty’s day and cooked up a healthy pasta dish to power my way through this 3 wedding weekend.

Sauce: Ground turkey, sautéed with fennel seeds, crushed red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, olive oil, salt and pepper. One jar of Bertolli tomato and basil pasta sauce.

Noodles: Whole wheat penne pasta boiled in salted water, slightly undercooked.

Greens: A cup of frozen spinach and two cups fresh spinach.

Cheeses: sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan.

Baked at 350 for about 30 minutes.

And plenty left over to get me through the weekend. Wish me luck.

O.M.G. S.O.R.E.

Ouchy ouch ouch ouch.  Day 2 of weight training is going well but painful.  Yesterday I did chest, calves, and abs, and this morning, the pain woke me up.  Today I did quads, hamstrings, and biceps.  Wonder how I’ll feel in the morning.  To fuel myself this morning, I had a hard-boiled egg and oatmeal:

With peanut butter, apple butter, and banana.  Lunch was some leftover chicken in a salad:

I made six boneless chicken breasts yesterday so I could make a few meals and snacks.  It made dinner last night, lunch today, and a snack I brought to work later which was half a chicken breast and a Kashi kids size peanut butter granola bar, and dinner tonight (and I still have some left for tomorrow).  Dinner so easy to throw together, as I also made a big pot of brown rice yesterday.  I got home late from work, chopped up 2 cooked chicken breasts, and threw them in a big pan with a can of black beans, a cup of frozen corn, about a cup or so of salsa, a pinch garlic powder and onion powder, a palmful of cumin, pinch of coriander and cayenne and simmered for 15 minutes.  I served it over brown rice and melted some fat-free cheddar cheese, with a dollop of greek yogurt and hot sauce:

Awesome!  And if it didn’t hurt so bad to move, I would get up off this couch and get me some chocolate.