Wining and Dining

Guys, I have been wined and dined for a week! I am a lucky girl! I have had some amazing food.  I didn’t even capture everything I have enjoyed the past week but I will post the highlights, including two of the top ten things I have eaten. Chef Hope’s crab cakes benedict:


and Ulele’s charbroiled oysters;


The oysters are amazing, and I had a salad and pompano with a yummy red pepper cream sauce and crispy carrot ribbons that were delicious:


And they brought us some complimentary truffles:


Then tonight, I had an impromptu girls night out with one of my dearest friends Rachel at Bern’s! I haven’t been there in over 5 years I think! It was outstanding!


I have also enjoyed a dinner at out Salt Rock tavern where they had an amazing stuffed grouper for only $15! I highly recommend it!!!


Safe to say I have had more than my fair share of eating out. I have thoroughly enjoyed and savored every meal, but now it is time to get back in balance and back to eating healthy. My daughter has been with her dad for the whole week, so I have been working a lot to build my real estate business, and am trying to keep myself distracted. I miss her terribly.

I am off to bed early tonight. Time to recharge and reset. Good night!

Happy Friday

My first thought this morning before I opened my eyes was to give my day to God. Starting my day in prayer is the absolute best thing I can do for myself. It fills me with peace, knowing that whatever the day may bring, it is all in God’s hands, and knowing that lessens any stress and anxiety.


I did my last shot of wheatgrass (I need to stock up), and headed outside for a 30 minute leisurely nature walk. It was a beautiful morning!


Then I had a banana before going to pick up my girlie. We had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. We spent the morning snuggling, chatting and playing, then had lunch together. Leftover garbage soup, she loved it too!


It was a lazy day at home complete with a thunderstorm nap and visit from grandma. Then we got ready for an early dinner out at Texas Roadhouse. Yum!


Overall, it was a great day. The best days are the simple ones spent with loved ones. My heart is full and peaceful tonight, and my eyes are sleepy. Good night.