Busy, busy, lots to learn.

Life got really busy all of the sudden. I am working on building a real estate business, which involves a lot of self education and networking. It is an investment of time and money, but I have faith that it will all pay off one day. I am working every single day, but there is flexibility in my schedule which allows me to be with my daughter most of the time that she is with me. It is the perfect career for me. I have a background in interior design, so I can offer my clients my services while I am helping them buy or sell a home.

It has been a challenge, however, to stay 100 percent on track with healthy eating and exercising. In fact, I have not exercised at all this week. Hopefully it isn’t raining tomorrow morning so I can get a run in! It has also been hit or miss with breakfast. This morning I did good:


But then I got busy and missed lunch, so picked up a super early dinner at 4:00. A gyro and Greek salad.


Also had my favorite snack size candy bar sometime between breakfast and dinner:


Yesterday I missed breakfast and had lunch while working:


And date night dinner in. I made grilled swordfish topped with bruschetta, quinoa with caramelized onions and sun dried tomatoes and a salad.


Tuesday was the last day I had three full meals:


Overall, not a horrible week, but certainly room for improvement. Everyday is a new opportunity to focus on health and balance. And everyday is a learning experience in this journey.

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