Overcoming Challenges

I’m back. I have had a challenging couple of days and accompanying anxiety. When I am experiencing anxiety, I find it hard to eat. Yesterday was not a great day for nutrition or exercise, but I spent a lot of time resting and in prayer, and by the evening I felt the anxiety lift was able to eat a healthy dinner.

Breakfast was a plain old bowl of corn flakes:


And dinner was grilled bourbon marinated salmon with veggies, lentils, and grains:


Spending time in prayer and meditation and allowing myself to feel my feelings, knowing they will pass, being gentle with myself and knowing that there is ultimately something to learn in every challenge, helps me tremendously in overcoming challenges and anxiety. It certainly is unpleasant in the moment, but on the other side, I always find growth and inspiration.

What I am getting through this recent challenge is a growth in my vision for my future and confidence in my abilities to manifest that vision. I would say that was worth 2 days of challenge!

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