Mother’s Day 2020

Yesterday was Mother’s day. I had a great day with my girl! First thing she said went she opened her eyes was “Happy Mother’s Day Mama, I love you.” Then she brought me gifts in bed and wanted to make me breakfast, so she poured my cereal, I also added, pineapple with Greek yogurt:


After breakfast, we got ready and headed to my mom’s house to celebrate the day. My niece went all out and set up a restaurant for us for brunch:



We stayed all day, relaxed, I even got a nap in! We had chili for dinner and played Uno:


It was a perfect day and a fantastic week. It has been 2 weeks since I recommitted to eating healthy and exercising. I have incorporated drinking warm water with lemon juice every morning, I started taking wheat grass shots a few days ago, I have been running again. I am feeling better, have more energy, and am noticing my body beginning to change. I ran/ walked 11 miles last week. I thank God for putting the motivation back in me to make these changes in order to live my healthiest, best life!


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