Cinco de Mayo-Cheat Meal

Happy May 5th! I could sense a margarita and Mexican food in my near future, so I had an extra healthy day to prepare for it.

A little fruit and a hard boiled egg for breakfast:


A 4 mile run/walk soaking in some sun, fresh air and nature:



Then I had a refreshing lunch. Spinach, watermelon and lime juice, with beans over a mix of brown rice, kale, spinach, red peppers and dried cranberries:



After lunch I showered, did chores, meal planning and grocery shopping. I was really excited for some Mexican food but the restaurant we originally went to was an hour wait for take out, so we ended up next door at Glory Days, where I had the best margarita of my life.  It was the size of my head:


And for dinner a splurge of wings and nachos! Yum! I ended up having 3 wings and hearty portion of nachos. Everything in moderation.



Now I’m settling in for an early bedtime. Excited to pick my girlie up in the morning!!!!

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