Happy Birthday Drew

Today’s weather was absolutely perfect. It started out with an early morning rain storm at about 6:30, which gave me the motivation to sleep in. The sound of rain is so relaxing. I woke up with the sweet feeling of sore muscles from Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred workout video.

Day 4 of warm lemon water. I had a simple bowl of whole wheat berry cereal with bananas for breakfast:


After breakfast, I headed out for a 2 mile walk/run. Florida nature is everywhere and amazing:


I felt so good afterwards that I went right in to Jillian Michael’s Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred videos. Amazing 20 minute workouts that make me sore the next day!!

I was pretty hungry afterwards , so I made a quick lunch of Bubba Burger brand veggie burger with tomatoes, watermelon, and salad with greens and beans:

IMG_2069 (1)

After lunch, I showered and went to Publix to get my groceries for the weekend before I pick my girlie up tomorrow morning. Then it was off to my sister’s house to celebrate my brother in laws 47th birthday! He is a great man and I love and admire him so much! Happy birthday Drew!!!


We celebrated in quarantine and grilled some delicious filets with mushrooms and onions, asparagus, baked potatoes and tomatoes, with a little slice of ice cream birthday cake for dessert:



I am so excited to get my girlie in the morning!!!

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