I can’t believe over 9 months have past since my wedding! So much has change since then. I left my job as a wedding planner and am now working at the beautiful place I got married! Matt also got a new job and we are building a house!

Our wedding was beautiful, simple, and thoughtful. You can read more about it HERE.

We designed our ceremony around the chuppah which is the Jewish wedding canopy that symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. We chose four words that we wanted to use as the cornerstones of our marriage;  Love, Communication, Teamwork, and Laughter. I wrote the words on four stones and Matt’s step-dad wrote 4 poems about the words. During the ceremony, our parents read the poems and placed the words in the four corner foundation pots of the chuppah.


These values are the very foundation of our marriage. We want to create our life, family, and home around them.  Today we drove out to our home-site for a fun way to acknowledge and celebrate these.  I marked the four corners of our cement foundation with our words.


lovelaughtercommunicationteamworkSuch a special way to celebrate building our house and life together!

pic 3pic 4Afterwards, we explored our neighborhood a little and ended up at a fun candy store:

photo 4(9) photo 4(7) photo 2(8) photo 4(8) photo 1(10)

And the an early dinner at Grillsmith to satisfy my burger craving:


It has been a great couple of weeks, from celebrating the birthday of my mom and friend:

photo 1(8)

And having a fun girl’s night out with her and my sister. Dinner at Flemings and A David Garrett concert (drool).

photo 4(2) photo 1(3) photo 2(1) photo 3(1) photo 2(2)

My picture doesn’t do this man justice. He is amazing! I can’t say enough about how great he is.

tumblr_mhclbv7Xsx1r113zdo1_500Nevermind, enough said 😉

There’s also been a date night at Kona Grill:

photo 2(3) photo 2(4) photo 1(7) photo 3(4)

Date night at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant:

photo 1(9)

Date night at Koto:

photo 3(6)

photo 2(6)

Playing and drawing with my niece:

photo 2(5) photo 3(5)She’s getting really good at writing words, and I’m getting pretty good at drawing giraffes 😉

And there’s been lots of quality time with my furbabies:

photo 4(6) photo 1(6) photo 1(5)

I was happy to see they finally made an action figure of me:

photo 3(8)

It’s been a great couple of weeks. Counting my blessings these days 🙂

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