Weekend Update.

It’s the weekend already and I haven’t even posted last weekend’s festivities! Last weekend we went by our new home site and they had the four corners of the house staked out.  Next week we meet with the construction manager, they are ready to start building! After our site visit, we went to an early dinner at Arigatos, my favorite hibachi restaurant.

photo 1(2) photo 1(3) photo 2 (3) photo 3(3) photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2)

Our new favorite weekend exercise activity is playing basketball. I’m not very good, but it’s fun!

photo(14) photo(15) photo 1(4) photo(11) photo(12)

I love swinging on the swings. I’m just a big kid!

photo(10) photo(8) photo(9)

After our fun and exercise, we showered up and walked to Cigar City Brewery for some adult fun. We tasted a few beers, then walked to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.

photo 1(1) photo 3(1)

This week I started a new job here:)


I’ll be daydreaming of my wedding while at work, I’m sure 🙂

Another big event of the week, first trip to Tampa Trader Joes. So exciting!!!!

I also wanted to share a fun fact about my kitty. This is Petrie and he could care less if you pile things on him, he will sit there all day with a pile of cat toys on him. Silly cat!:


Have a great Weekend!


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