Fun times and Celebrations,

I had a fun week. Tuesday I had lunch with my sister and my friend Rhonda who we  re-connected with after over 10 years!! I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate than lunch at Cooper’s Hawk. We had some catching up to do so we came back to my place afterwards and continued to talk for hours. She is so much fun and has a great sense of humor!

photo(10) photo 1(18) photo 2 (18)

Wednesday morning, Matt and I had our design meeting to pick out all of the finishes in our house we’re building. So Much Fun!

photo 4 (11)  photo 4 (12)photo 2 (17) photo 3 (15) photo 1(17)

Friday evening I met Rhonda and we went back to Cooper’s Hawk for a happy hour wine tasting and a yummy veggie and goat cheese flatbread:

photo 1(22)

Saturday was a special day. Matt’s dad and step mom came to visit and treated us to Bern’s to celebrate our new home purchase! We couldn’t get in until late, so we went and toured the home site, then Hilda and I got mani and pedis while the guys hung out.

Bern’s was so incredibly delicious. We ordered their home made potato chips to start served with creme fraiche while we debated which kind of wine to get. We took the waiter’s recommendation with the Terra valentine cabernet and it was a winner!

photo 2 (22) photo 4 (16)

They bring out some cheesy crackers to start:

photo 3 (20)

Then french onion soup:

photo 1(24)

The salad was so much better than your average salad. They use veggies grown on their own farm:

photo 2 (24)

I ordered the filet for dinner and enjoyed every single bite (except for the ones Matt stole;) He is not a steak eater but I’m pretty sure next time we get the opportunity to go to Bern’s he will be getting the filet.

photo 3 (22)

After dinner, we toured the wine cellar. I love how it smells!

photo 3 (17) photo 2 (21)

Bern’s has a separate restaurant upstairs just for desserts. After our cellar tour, we went up for desserts and after dinner drinks. I got a 1976 port and 2 scoops of ice cream,

  • Caramélia Crunch Milk Chocolate Malt

  • Valrhona Caramélia milk chocolate, crunchy milk chocolate crisps, shaved milk chocolate.


  • Brown Brazilian Snow

  • Bern’s original. Freshly ground espresso added to rich, creamy coffee ice cream.


photo 3 (19)

also tasted:

  • Banana Cheese Pie

  • The Classic. A banana cream cheese mousse in an almond praline crust with fresh bananas and whipped cream.

photo 4 (15)


All so so delicious!

We got home late, and then the timed changed, so I was a tired girl. I slept in Sunday morning, and then when to breakfast with my in-laws at Toojay’s, I just had a light bite to eat, scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, salsa, and fresh fruit;

photo 2 (23)

What a treat this weekend was! So thankful.

More celebrating Sunday night at my family’s house with mom’s friends from Ohio, who were escaping the record-breaking winter. We sat by the pool and grilled out:

photo 4 (17)

Then today (Monday) after a 3 mile run, we packed up and headed to the beach for a chilly but relaxing day. Lunch was at Frenchy’s, I had a salad with Cajun grouper on top:


Fun times with these people I love:

photo(11) 044 042 006 009 IMG_4502

Filled with love!

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