Healthy Eating for the New Year

How many people are going to try to eat healthier in the New Year? I know I am. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but what I have come to learn through my journey is that concept of healthy eating is subjective and evolving. As I learn more, I implement more healthy eating practices.

I also enjoy food immensely and have more than my fair share of splurges. However, I’m realizing these splurges more and more just leave me feeling physically bad. (Upset stomach, sluggish, bloated). So part of my goal for the New Year is to find a way to balance my love of healthy eating, with my love of all kinds of food. I’m up to the challenge.

Yesterday’s eats were an improvement to my holiday splurges. Today I want to try to incorporate 2 snacks in between my meals. I used to do that all the time and it makes a huge difference in my energy levels. Why did I stop doing that?

For breakfast yesterday was a repeat:


Fage non fat Greek yogurt, mandarin oranges, and oatmeal. My go to breakfast lately.

Lunch was leftovers of lentil soup over a huge bed of blanched kale with a hefty dose of hot sauce. Hot sauce makes everything taste better:


And dinner was 2 mini turkey breast burgers seasoned with chipoltes in adobo, chili powder,garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne,cumin, lime zest, and lime juice. Served over a salad and topped with homemade guacamole, and of course dosed with more hot sauce, salad dressing is yogurt ranch:


Snack ideas for today (with items already in the fridge):

-hard boiled eggs

-green smoothie

-nuts (I always have about 5 different kinds in the fridge)


Do you have any healthy snack ideas from things in your fridge?

I’m also looking forward to incorporating more superfoods into my healthy eating. I  want to share this superfoods list with you. There are some items on here that I have never even heard of (click picture to read list):

Think popping a multivitamin once per day is good enough to cover all of the bases your diet is missing? Think again. Your body doesn't absorb nearly as many minerals and vitamins from that pill as you might believe. Instead, give your body a powerful boost by adding some natural superfoods to your diet.

I’m excited to learn more and teach some healthy eating during the New Year!


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