How to Get Back on Track After Christmas

Hi everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did. I relished in quality time spent with my family and furbabies.

Christmas Eve we had dinner, gifts, and a campfire at my family’s:


Christmas morning, we watched our furbabies open their gifts. We have 4 cats, yikes!

Meet Minnie:








Breakfast would have been cinnamon rolls that I brought from my sister’s house, but unfortunately were left in my purse all night 😦 So I whipped up an asparagus frittata:


Then we went back to my family’s for more gifts, more food, more fun:

Too many Christmas goodies were consumed, and while all the cookies, candies, appetizers, and wine were sure good going down, I was left with a belly ache, but a happy heart.

So what do I do to get back on a healthy track after Christmas. It’s simple really. Lots of water, simple clean foods, extra greens, and exercise.

Breakfast looks like this:


Greek yogurt with mandarin oranges and raw oats.



A hodgepodge of a salad with peas, canellinni beans, peppers, radishes, asparagus and cottage cheese. I will make a salad out of anything in the fridge.

For dinner, a huuuuuge pot of lentil soup:

2156From this Pinterest recipe

Vegan Splendor: Spicy Vegan Lentil Soup

So it’s easy to get back on track, but staying on track is much much more difficult. I find the best way for me is through accountability wherever I can get it. This blog is very helpful to me for that.
For you, I can help. I’m a certified weight loss coach with the Genetix Program. The Genetix Program is the number One way to loss weight, and the best part is, it is completely in line with my healthy living ideals.  It is a 100% natural way to loss weight eating real foods that you buy at the grocery store. And you get to talk to me every day so I can teach, inspire and guide you to your weight loss goals. Click on the logo below to learn more and/or sign up for me to be your coach and finally achieve your weight loss goals for life:

Genetix Program Weight Loss Your Weight Is Over

So as we go into the New Year, I know my goal is to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise, as well as some others I will share in my next post, I can help you with your goals too.

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