Today’s Eats

As promised, today’s eats.

It’s funny though, when I knew I was going to be taking pictures and reporting what I was going to eat, I put more effort into making an actual meal rather than just shoving something into my mouth, and I paid more attention to what it looked like. I think these are 2 important overall lessons for my eating in general.

First, instead of randomly shoving food into my mouth when I’m hungry (or not hungry), it feels better to be conscious, present and aware during mealtimes. Second, it’s important to me that my food look pretty (for lack of better word). When I present a meal that looks like there was thought and care that went into making it, it feels special, shows my loved ones that I care, and I’m less likely to carelessly inhale it and more likely to savor and enjoy it.

For breakfast, I actually broke out the frying pan and cooked something. For a while now (weeks?, months?), if I have eaten breakfast, it has been a granola bar, an apple, or a handful of nuts. Today, I made a breakfast tortilla. I scrambled one egg with yellow and orange bell peppers, and wrapped it up in a whole wheat tortilla with a tomato and hot sauce:


I would have added spinach, but I was extremely low on groceries. I also had a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer.

After some cleaning and a load of laundry, I went to the gym and did some weight lifting, and 20 minutes on the bike. Then my mom came over to keep me company and spend the night while hubby is out-of-town.

I was making lunch when she arrived. A salad, with peas, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes:


We ran some errands, and got some groceries.

I made a Pinterest find of Coconut and Lime Chicken: Click on picture for recipe.Lime & Coconut Chicken. This recipe is incredible. The combination of spices, fresh lime, cilantro, and coconut milk give this dish tons of flavor, and it's super easy to make!!

It was delicious, but a little salty, I think I put way to much in. I made some sautéed carrots and red peppers in the same pan after the chicken, and put it over a bed of jasmine rice:


I can’t leave out the cheats of the day. I had a few (3) of these crazy Pringles:


And there were a couple samples of cheese at Whole Foods.

And no day is complete without dessert. I just polished of the rest of this yummy baklava tiramisu that we got in Tarpon Springs yesterday. Soooo good!


Much smaller in real life.

Now back to watching Dancing With The Stars with mom. Good night 🙂

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