More Celebrating :)

I don’t think I’ve stopped celebrating since I last wrote, which is a very good thing, however, I should get back to my healthy ways soon, like, tomorrow.

It has been a long fun weekend, starting Wednesday when Matt went out-of-town for work, and I went to stay at my family’s house. My sister and I took Grace and Evan to their friend Gavin’s 5th birthday party at Chucky Cheese. They snoozed on the way there:

Then Thursday, my mom’s best friend Joyce and her daughter who I went to high school with, Nicole came down to visit. We hung out Thursday night at my mom’s and she made her famous lasagna:

Friday I met up with them at Cooper’s Hawk for lunch. Nicole and did the wine tasting and chatted away while our mom’s sipped margaritas on the patio. A good time was had by all. To eat, I ordered the gardineira burger from the Life Balance Menu (everything is under 600 calories). It was delicious, no skimping on flavor here. After lunch, we shopped a little at Nordstrom Rack, then I had to part ways and run some errands.image(7)

Saturday, we all headed to Clearwater Beach. Matt was sick 😦 so he stayed at home and we had lunch at Frenchy’s and played in the sand a little. I got the Cajun grouper caesar salad:

It was a beautiful beach day:

Today, I slept in, went for a 3 mile run outside (it was HOT), did some laundry, then went to Tarpon Springs for a date day. We went to the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery, which was an interesting experience. The wine was just okay, and the place a little unusual overall, but the experience was fun, informative, and a little crazy. We did the tasting, the tour of the wine making room, and got a bottle of wine, which I got to put the label on and the winemaker autographed it:

Then we had lunch at Hellas Restaurant, across the street from the sponge docks. The Greek food was delicious:

I love my weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as my fitness goals go? I have realized just how out of shape I have become, and I didn’t even know just how much I had been slacking (or just really busy). But, since my friend Nicole invited me to run the Jingle Bell 5k Run next month, I decided to hit the pavement. I ran outside 4 times this week, and let me tell, you, if you don’t use it, you lose it! I could only run 2 miles at a time, then I had to walk/run the 3rd. I’m hoping to build up my endurance and get back to 5 miles soon.

I also need to reign it in on my celebratory foods. Back to healthy eating this week. I think I will do like my first days of blogging and keep track of all my eats, just for fun. And to make me a little more conscious of what is being consumed. Starting tomorrow. A week of healthy eating posts!~


One thought on “More Celebrating :)

  1. Psssh, you’ll run it and I’ll have to attempt it. I am just glad you’re coming! It’ll be fun to do something festive at night ON a Friday with you. I’m super excited to see you, Thursday too! XOXO

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