Happy Birthday Boo

Happy Birthday Boo! This loveable black kitty came to me on Halloween night 7 years ago. He was just a little kitten following a group of trick or treaters. He walked right in my front porch with the kids. When the kids left, I yelled “you forgot your cat”. They said he wasn’t theirs, so I just left the door open thinking he would leave. That did not happen. So he stayed and became part of my family.


This year I dressed up like a black cat.


I went trick or treating with my niece, nephew, sister, and brother and law, then Matt met us after work for dinner. We had a blast:


On a different subject, I have some really big news. One month ago, I decided to change my focus in life and follow my heart and dreams. I decided to leave the wedding business to go back to school and get my Masters in Nutrition and focus on trying to start a family.

Leaving the weddings was a really hard decision because I was working with over 100 brides or couples that I really care about. I decided to finish through the end of this year to get the new designers trained to replace me. My number one goal was to make sure the brides and grooms were taken care of and that their weddings would be perfect.

I fully intended to stay through the end of the year to make sure everyone was up to speed, complete the wedding set ups through December and continue giving my heart and soul to my work. Wednesday my time was cut short.  I will not be allowed the opportunity to keep my personal commitment to the brides through the end of this year. And while I know that many of the staff there are 100 percent committed to taking care of everyone and everything, I feel terrible that I won’t be there to take care of them myself. I’m so sorry for that. It was not my choice and it was out of my control.

So on that one hand I feel really bad, but I know I need to let it go and I am, I gave it my all.  On the other, I am excited for my future doing what I am passionate about.

I intend to first and foremost start a little family with my wonderful husband, and pursue an education in nutrition. My goal is to create a career where I can  independently working from home, raising our family. You all know my passion for food and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. My unique background has helped me develop a concern for pre- teen and teenage girl’s, and women’s issues concerning body image and health. I feel called to share my experiences and knowledge to help these girls and women break the cycle of disordered eating and poor body image and become confident, happy people that have a healthy relationship with their bodies and food.

The focus of this blog will change this new course unfolds. I’m excited to see where it goes and hope you will join me along the way.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Boo

  1. OMG! You and Gracie and Evan look adorable! Matt in a costume? Kuyoot! Gotta love Halloween! Donald spent 2 whole days as a giant hotdog with ketchup and mustard! He looks forward each year picking a costume to wear to his office and doing his rounds in the hospital.

  2. AW, Em. I am sorry to hear things were beyond your control for leaving earlier, though of course I am super curious? I love Boo’s story, how sweet! And you make a cure kitty–the end.

  3. I am SO sorry to hear this! We were really looking forward to you designing our wedding. Steven and I really enjoyed working with you!

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