Wedding Catch Ups and a Fun Night Out

Woah! Lots of weddings this past weekend.  I worked on setting up 3 of the 5 weddings, and I have to fill you in on the weddings from the weekend before. So here goes:

A pretty purple wedding:

002 003 004 001 005 006

Brown wedding with lots of sunflowers:

017 018 019 020 021 015 010 011 012 013 014 009Mint/tiffany  and peach wedding:

002 001 003 004 005 006 007 008

Pretty pink wedding:

020 019 021 018 011 013 014 015 016 017 012 010 024

And finally a super unique steampunk theme wedding. I ran with this theme and loved it! So much fun.

069 065 061 060 058 055 052 043 051 038 039 040 049 048 047 046 029 030 031 050 037 036 032 033 034 035 025 028 027 026

I have to give a shout out to the awesome team at Cross Creek Ranch! They went above and beyond to create these beautiful weddings. They are the most amazing, hard working, creative people I have ever met! I’m proud to know them.

Update in my personal life:

Matt and I are trying to start a family 🙂 It should be an exciting journey. Stay tuned for all the fun details. Matt also started a new job recently and I will be going back to school part-time in January to pursue my Masters Degree in Nutrition.  So many changes going on here!

A celebration was in order, so hubby took me out to a fun dinner at Edison, Food + Drink Lab.

I “borrowed” this description from their website:

“Our kitchen’s only formula is product + technique + creativity2. Chef Pierola and Edison’s talented crew perform daily flavor experiments using the finest components, precise execution and their collective creativity2. The results are new interpretations of everyday food expertly engineered into current, modern cuisine.”

I was expecting more science, I had pictured dry ice and shots served in beakers, but it wasn’t like that. Instead, I believe they focus more on combining interesting flavors that compliment each other. For starters we had sesame chile smoked fish rillette > asian prawn chips, spicy peanut sauce. It was delicious and my favorite thing we ordered:


We also had the potato crusted oysters > dill pickle nectar, house dijonnaise, micro dijon. Delicious and Matt’s fav.


We split the fried green tomato salad > garden arugula, shaved fennel, preserved lemon goat cheese, cherry tomato confit, black olive emulsion.


For the main course I had the kobe steak which was wonderfully flavored but oddly tough.


Matt had the scallops:


And a delicious chocolate tart for desert, served with coconut ice cream and caramelized bananas:


These are two happy newlyweds:



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