Wedding Season Kick Off

I’m back in wedding mode. Busy, busy, busy. We kicked off the wedding season last weekend with 3 weddings. We did lots of projects over the summer. Notice the chapel’s landscaping and most exciting, the brick floor in the stable!!! No more mulch. So pretty!

Friday, a pretty purple wedding:

003 001 002 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 013

Saturday a peach and green wedding in the chapel. It’s funny how the white fabric takes on a pink hue in the pictures from the reflection of the floors. It worked perfectly with the pretty peach of the wedding:

024 023 022 021 020 019 018 017 016 015 014

Sunday was a vintage chic wedding with lots of details. I love our new doors!:

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This week I also celebrated a birthday 🙂 I have a feeling this will be my best year yet 🙂 Stay tuned for lots of wedding pics and of course I’ll be back to posting my weekend adventures and eats. What else would you guys like to see and talk about on here?

Our Wedding :)

I’m so excited to share our wedding pictures with you. There were so many great ones I had to pick from. Here are a few from before the ceremony:

Bridal DSC00018 DSC00181 DSC00142DSC00099 DSC00040 DSC00075

During the ceremony:

DSC00308 DSC00324

DSC00406 DSC00409 DSC00411 DSC00425 DSC00429 DSC00441 DSC00582 DSC00780 DSC00799 DSC00842 DSC00852

The first look:


We designed our ceremony to be interactive and meaningful.  We incorporated the meaning of the chuppah in a very special way. The chuppah is the symbol of the home that we are building together. Matt and I chose 4 words that represent what we are building our relationship on: Love, Communication, Teamwork, and Laughter. I wrote these words on 4 stones. Matt’s step dad Donald wrote a poem for each word. The fathers read the poems as the mothers placed the stone in each of the chuppah pots.



DSC00295 DSC00297 DSC00298 DSC00302DSC00499 DSC00540 DSC00566 DSC00491

We also had our siblings and their spouses read eight special blessings.

DSC00714 DSC00719 DSC00725 DSC00737 DSC00743 DSC00752 DSC00764

Formal shots:

DSC01108 DSC01123 DSC01001 DSC01008 DSC01033 DSC01044 DSC01062 DSC01074 DSC01080 DSC01093


DSC01255 DSC01266 DSC01217 DSC01156 DSC01318 DSC01321 DSC01347 DSC01357 DSC01350 DSC01312 DSC01277 DSC01275

Of course I wanted the food captured. The menu included passed appetizers during cocktail our of mini crab cakes and open-faced chicken wanton tacos. First course was heirloom tomato gazpacho. Second course was bibb lettuce salad with caramelized onions, heirloom tomatoes, and mustard vinaigrette. Main course was a choice of filet mignon, crispy chickpea crusted salmon, or roasted chicken with chive cream sauce with a side of braised kale and swiss chard, and truffled fries with garlic aioli.

DSC01270 DSC01280 DSC01304 DSC01308

We had 2 flavors of cake: Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and bavarian creme filling, and yellow cake with raspberry jam and cream cheese filling. And later in the evening we had coffee with tiramisu shooters. So sad that I only tasted the yellow cake and the tiramisu. Too busy having fun.

DSC01126 DSC01337

The favors were salt water taffy because we both love it so much. (We love all candy really)


For our guest book, I used a dictionary and everyone circled special words, wrote a message, then marked the page with a bookmark:

DSC00341 DSC00332

I also did programs:

DSC00259 It was a perfect day, the most beautiful, special, intimate ceremony. I can’t even describe how happy, excited, and blessed I feel to marry my soulmate, best friend and partner.

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