Sleep is Good.

Hi everyone. How was your Monday? Mine was wonderfully relaxing. I had Sunday and today off, and today I woke up, ate breakfast, then went back to sleep and blissfully slept a really long time, which is so unusual. Typically I’m up fairly early and full of energy. I welcomed the long sleep. I need my rest as wedding season has started and I will be BUSY until June!

I worked late Friday night so hubby picked up Thai for dinner:


This past weekend we had only one wedding on Saturday. I loved the charcoal gray and rust colors. It looked great with the new brick floors in the stable:

017 016 004 005 015 013 014 012 011 010 009 008 007 006 003 002

After the wedding set up, I came home, showered and went to my family’s to celebrate my birthday. They made a yummy dinner:

020I got presents:

022 021 024

And we ate cake:

030 032 036

A wonderful night:

042 037

Sunday was relaxing and productive. I went to the gym, the grocery store, did laundry, and we had an early dinner at my favorite pizza place in Tampa, Cappy’s:


Some indulgences for my birthday, um week, ummm month?

Today was mostly healthy eats with a little leftover indulgences (a slice of pizza, a bite of ice cream, and a couple bites of cake).

Breakfast was a bowl of cereal (Chex) with half of a sliced banana and unsweet almond milk. A glass of powdered greens and water.

Lunch the aforementioned pizza slice.

Snack, veggies and grapes (I’m obsessed with grapes and cherries lately)


Dinner was a salad with heirloom tomatoes, grapes, walnuts and blue cheese with homemade citrus vinaigrette, and scallops with sautéed potatoes:

045 044

Now I’m a little too full, but happy and relaxed. The rest of my week looks busy with 2 weddings to prepare for this weekend and many brides to meet with this week. I better go get more sleep 🙂

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