Next Phase of the Journey

Hi everyone. I haven’t disappeared. I’ve just been enjoying the summer with my new hubby and making some lifestyle changes. Before I get into that here are a few teaser pics from our wedding. I have a full post underway with plenty of pictures and I promise to post it in a couple of days. But for now, here are a couple of my favorites:

DSC00953 DSC01217

So about those lifestyle changes. I have struggled with endometriosis for as long as I can remember having my period. Extreme cramps, heavy bleeding, 10 day long periods, chronic pain. It got to a point in my late twenties that it hurt so bad to bend over and feed my cats that I broke down crying. I remember walking tilted to one side from the pain in my left side. At that point I decided to have surgery, which was effective and I went on medication after that to control it. I had a few good pain free years, but then slowly, then pain started creeping back up on me.

Recently, I made the decision to have the surgery again and use a more natural approach to controlling the disease. I’m still researching like crazy on how to do this. I will be using diet, excercise, acupuncture, and some other holistic methods. I believe in Hippocrates saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

I have been researching and experimenting with healthy eating for years and I was surprised that I never came across eating for endometriosis. There is plenty of info and several books on the topic. The basics include avoiding gluten, caffiene, sugar, alcohol, dairy, and red meat. As you can imagine, I am deeply saddened by this list. I love all those things! But, I love my health and feeling good even more, so I’m going for it. At least by the 80%-20% rule to start. I will also increase greens and veggies, cut back on soy, make chicken bone broth to sip on. (It is supposed to be very nourishing to the blood). I am also taking vitamins and herbs, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and using massage and castor oil paks on my belly.

So what can I eat? I have been eating lots of salads, seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies, salmon, hard boiled eggs, gluten free bread, quinoa, hummus.

010 011

Yesterday we ordered a pizza from The Gourmet Pizza Company. I got the gluten free vegan breadsticks and a gluten free, vegan veggie pizza:

014 015

And I got a Vitamix this week. Soooooo Excited!!!!!!!! This thing can do so much more than smoothies, but I have only tried smoothies so far. You can be sure there will be lots and lots of green smoothies in my future. This one had lettuce, spinach, kale, banana, peach, mango, kiwi, celery, cucumber and chia seeds:


So that is where I am in my health journey. At work, I am gearing up for the fall wedding season. In 2 weeks, we kick off the season with 3 weddings. Then we have weddings every weekend until the end of May. I’m going to be busy! But…I have a new assistant, yay!!!!! I feel like I can breath a little. She’s a God send 🙂

Again I promise, within a  day or 2 I will post the wedding pics. Stay tuned and have a wonderful night!!

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