Honeymoon Part 2: Paris

Ahhhhh Paris. What can I say? It is my favorite city in the world. I dreamed of going there ever since grade school, and when I spent a month there in college, I always dreamed of going back someday with someone I love.  So when I married the man of my dreams, I knew Paris had to be part of our honeymoon. Did I mention that dreams do come true?

After 4 nights in Barcelona, we took a quick flight to my beloved city.  We took a cab from the airport to our apartment on the hill. We stayed in Montmartre, we could see the Sacre Coeur from our apartment:

220 218

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The first stop off the plane was to a crepe stand. I love ham and cheese crepes! I would be happy to eat them every single day. Here I am double fisted:



Then we walked around and explored, then had dinner at a little place just next door to our apartment. I ordered the french onion soup (one of many) and beef bourguignon:

IMG_1444 IMG_1443

The next morning we had to be up bright and early for our photo shoot. We hired a professional photographer to capture my dream. Really not too expensive.  We met on the Pont des Arts, a famous bridge in Paris where lovers put a lock and throw the key into the Seine river. Prepare for a lot of photos:

rc-img_0014-2 rc-img_0014-5 rc-img_0014-7 rc-img_0014-14 rc-img_0014-10 rc-img_0014-12 rc-img_0014-17 rc-img_0014-24 rc-img_0014-29 rc-img_0014-31 rc-img_0014-49 rc-img_0014-33 rc-img_0014-34 rc-img_0014-36 rc-img_0014-38 rc-img_0014-46 rc-img_0014-64 rc-img_0014-70 rc-img_0014-72 rc-img_0014-74 rc-img_0014-58 rc-img_0014-61 rc-img_0014-62 rc-img_0014-151 rc-img_0014-80 rc-img_0014-83 rc-img_0014-85 rc-img_0014-87 rc-img_0014-92 rc-img_0014-94 rc-img_0014-96 rc-img_0014-102 rc-img_0014-105 rc-img_0014-108 rc-img_0014-114 rc-img_0014-116 rc-img_0014-119 rc-img_0014-133 rc-img_0014-135 rc-img_0014-140 rc-img_0014-142 rc-img_0014-144 rc-img_0014-180 rc-img_0014-152 rc-img_0014-153 rc-img_0014-155 rc-img_0014-158 rc-img_0014-169 rc-img_0014-173 rc-img_0014-177 rc-img_0014-226 rc-img_0014-192 rc-img_0014-203 rc-img_0014-207 rc-img_0014-215 rc-img_0014-219 rc-img_0014-224

It was so important to me to do this, since we got so few honeymoon pictures together. I love them!

It was Bastille Day and after getting caught in a crowd that was watching a parade, we found a spot for lunch. I had a salad and Matt had the croque monsieur and a glass of wine of course:

image_28 image_29 image_27 image_25We were exhausted by the end of the day, so we enjoyed Bastille Day fireworks from the comfort of our bed:

169 186 194 203

We spent our time in Paris exploring, walking, eating, and drinking wine:. Our second night there, we had one of our best meals thanks to Yelp for a good review. We started our meal with the best olives I have ever had. Hubby doesn’t even like olives and he liked these:


My favorite wine in Paris was the Cotes de Rhones, a dry rose. But I also love a good Bourdueax.

For appetizers, we split a french onion soup and the foie gras. First time on the foie gras, it was actually amazing, but just knowing what it is kind of freaked us out a little:

162 163

And for dinner, I got the steak covered in blue cheese sauce with the best potatoes ever! And sea bass for hubby:

164 165

Delicious! Thank goodness we had to climb 3 sets of the stairs 3 times a day, it may have saved our waistlines:

222 160 155

We spent 2 more glorious days wandering the streets of Paris:

156 157 158 159 154 246 255

Eating at wonderful cafes and restaurants and some terrific street food including the amazing falafel:

245 247 248 249 251 252 253 209 211 212 213 214 215 206

We also had about 3 more crepes and plenty of pastries, bread and cheese:

207 228 229 244216

And a trip to Paris would not be complete without creme brulee, chocolate, and macaroons:

226 217 image_31 image_32And a cappucino:


One of my highlights was visiting Au Bon Marche. A famous gourmet food market:

224 225 image_38 image_37 image_36More shopping, more sightseeing and more wine of course:

image_40 image_41 image_44 image_33

And of course the Eiffel Tower:

234 237 238 240 242 241 239

And then we realized that we had only planned one full day in Amsterdam, and it really takes a full day in a new place just to get your bearings. So we left Paris a day early and boarded a train for a fun ride to Amsterdam………..



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