10 Days :)

Hooooraaah! 10 days til I marry sweet man!!! And I am officially off work for the next 26 days! This next month, I’m sure, will be the best one of my life so far!

Currently I have a mild case of bride brain. I worry about silly little things, but at the same time, I feel like I have planned and controlled a lot of things up to this point, and I’m ready to let things go and let everything fall into place as they may. I am trying to let go of this feeling that I have that since I am a wedding planner, my guests will expect this “perfect” wedding. I have been having this fear that if anything at all goes wrong, it is surely my fault, as I have planned it all.  But, I am turning a corner and realizing that I know that everything will be perfect for me. I will walk down that aisle to my future and it won’t matter if my chuppah is an inch short. I will remind myself to try to stay present and in the moment and enjoy the very special ceremony and the fun celebration to follow. I will have the best day of my life and be excited to honey moon for 2 glorious weeks in Europe knowing that my wonderful momma will be taking good care of my kitties. I will have a hear t full of  hope and dreams for my new adventure in life, my new family 🙂 I may be a bit scatter brained, but I am elated!


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