10 Days :)

Hooooraaah! 10 days til I marry sweet man!!! And I am officially off work for the next 26 days! This next month, I’m sure, will be the best one of my life so far!

Currently I have a mild case of bride brain. I worry about silly little things, but at the same time, I feel like I have planned and controlled a lot of things up to this point, and I’m ready to let things go and let everything fall into place as they may. I am trying to let go of this feeling that I have that since I am a wedding planner, my guests will expect this “perfect” wedding. I have been having this fear that if anything at all goes wrong, it is surely my fault, as I have planned it all.  But, I am turning a corner and realizing that I know that everything will be perfect for me. I will walk down that aisle to my future and it won’t matter if my chuppah is an inch short. I will remind myself to try to stay present and in the moment and enjoy the very special ceremony and the fun celebration to follow. I will have the best day of my life and be excited to honey moon for 2 glorious weeks in Europe knowing that my wonderful momma will be taking good care of my kitties. I will have a hear t full of  hope and dreams for my new adventure in life, my new family 🙂 I may be a bit scatter brained, but I am elated!


End of Season Celebration

17 Days until my big day!!! Wow, how did that happen so fast! I’m surprisingly calm and feel like all the planning is going very well and all the details are being taken care of.  My to do list is fairly short at this point and I’m confident everything will come together as planned.

I also finished a busy wedding season at Cross Creek Ranch and won’t have any more weddings until after Labor Day.  We have been busy celebrating a successful wedding season. It started last Monday with a staff party at Ricky P’s in St Pete.  We were treated to delicious New Orleans inspired food and drinks:


The I saw a rainbow on my way home:


Saturday was our last wedding. It was so pretty draped in pearls and dotted with navy and coral accents:


And just like that, the wedding season came to an end. Hubby to be and I celebrated a successful season with a special dinner out at 717 South.  They have the best seabass there. One of my top 10 meals of all times. First we started out with a champagne toast (actually cava)


Then they bring out a yummy pesto bread with marinara and marscapone cheese:

image(4)I got the ceasar salad:


And the seabass with shrimp with sautéed spinach and my new favorite thing, risotto. This was a mushroom risooto and I loved it:

image(6)That sea bass is so buttery and delicious. My mouth is watering.

The celebration continued through dessert with a glass of port and homemade strawberry oreo ice cream:

(3)I need to back ASAP! It is a special occasion kind of place, pricey but totally delicious.

Sunday we slept in, I worked out, did some laundry, then we went to my family’s house to hang out by the pool watch the kiddos swim and munch on guacamole, queso and chips:

048049052And just because she’s so dang cute, here’s a picture of my Minnie:


And just because Friday night’s meal so so dang yummy, here’s my salmon patties, tomatoes and flat fries. I love my new method of oven fries. I pre heat the oven to 425. I cut the whole potato in long, flat, thin pieces. I soak the potato slices in water for 30 minutes (this helps them get crispy in the oven), then dry them really good, season with salt, pepper and dill. I crumble up a piece of foil that fits a large cookie sheet, then flatten it back out (the crinkles help the taters not to stick too bad) I spray with nonstick, put slices on, spray top of taters with nonstick and bake until they get nice and crispy golden brown. They are the best baked fries I have made.



I only have 3.5 work days left, then I will be off for what I’m sure will be the best month of my life.  WOW! This is amazing!