2 Days Off :)

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? I missed you. In fact, I really miss blogging on a daily basis and would love to get back into a more regular habit.  But until I slow down a little (which should be in a few weeks 🙂 ), once a week is about all I can manage. Last year at this time, it was the week of our last wedding of the season. This year, we have 3 weddings this weekend and 6 more weeks to go! But most of the planning is already done, and at this point, it is just implementing the plans, so I have reached the downhill glide at this point and it feels really good. In fact, I had 2 days in a row off (Sunday, and Monday), and it felt glorious! It actually felt like I had like 5 days off. I even had a dream that I was on vacation on a boat. It was lovely!

Friday’s wedding was fresh and pretty yellow:

020 021 022 023 024 025 028 029

019 018

It seems every one has been talking about sloppy joes lately, which totally got me in the mood for them. I used ground chicken breast and tiny whole wheat slider buns. I also added some banana peppers and jalapeno for a little kick. Also, corn on the cob and roasted potato rounds.


Saturday’s wedding had a touch of red:

031 032 033 034 035 036

New butterfly garden:037

Saturday we went out to dinner at my favorite pizza place in Tampa…Cappy’s. We discovered another location in South Tampa, so close to our place perfect!!! It is so good. We got the house salad and a large vegetarian pizza on the New York style crust (half with pepperoni for me):

001 002

The crust is chewy and wonderful!

Sunday started out glorious. I was up and at it early to enjoy my day off. I relaxed with a cup of coffee, ate breakfast, and went for a run. I did some laundry and chores. Just after I showered and was ready to walk out of the door for brunch and a fun planned day, my poor kitty (Petrie) started acted funny and crying. He would try to poo outside the litter box, but nothing would come out. He kept straining himself and ended up throwing up several times. We figured out he was extremely constipated (this happened to him once before about 6 years ago). We tried every solution we could think of and 5 hours later of straining, he passed a little.

We skipped brunch and our fun day, but I had to after he was resting somewhat to pick up a prescription and get a quick bite to eat at Sweet Tomatoes:


I felt so bad for my sweet kitty 😦

Monday I had another day off!!! I enjoyed the morning with coffee, breakfast and Facebook. I cleaned out my closet and got a giant bag of clothes, purses, and shoes ready for the consignment shop. I had the best workout. Temperatures and humidity have been low, and it feels amazing! I did some food prep:

003 004

Chopped fruits and veggies and made hard-boiled eggs. I ran some errands: dropped off some supplies to get my hair piece custom-made for the wedding. Went to Target and Whole Foods, then met hub to be at our venue for our second food tasting so we could finalize our menu. It’s all coming together and I’m soooo excited!!!!

It was back to work today to get ready for the 3 weddings this week/weekend. We have a wedding on Thursday this week!!!! I do get excited every week to see the weddings all set up!!!  See you next week 🙂

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