The Light

Hi there. I’m still here. Still knee-deep in weddings. But I’m finally seeing the dim light at the end of the tunnel. 20 more weddings to go until summer break and my own wedding:)

This past weekend was very special. It was my mom’s 60th birthday!!!! 🙂 I came down with a little stomach bug Saturday evening and Sunday, luckily I was feeling better Sunday evening to celebrate. We went to The Texas Roadhouse:

028 029 030 031 034 035

Before dinner, we hung out, opened presents, and played a little ball.


That mom looks sooo young!!! I guess 60 is the new 30!025 027

That Gracie can hit that ball!!!!

We did have a wedding Sunday, but it was one of the very few I didn’t work to be with my mom for her birthday. I did work the Friday and Saturday weddings.


099 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 108 009 110

The first look was so sweet!112 113

Friday night dinner was Chinese take out:


Saturday’s wedding:

008 015 004 006 007 005 003 002 001

Saturday night my belly was upset and all I really wanted was soup, so honey got me some chicken noodle and white bean soups from Whole Foods, I also had a few sesame noodles and a bite of his sandwich:

016 017 018

I was in bed by 8:00 Saturday night, slept for 12 hours, woke up still nauseous, and took a 2 hour nap Sunday. I’m feeling back to normal now.

In wedding news, this week we booked our band. Two members of  The Caleb Hyers Band will play at our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour:

Caleb Hyers on guitar and vocals:

Ryan Tatum on the cello:

I’m so excited, they are awesome musicians. And the hair, oh the hair, I swoon….

We also blocked off some rooms at the hotel this week, ordered invitations, scheduled the cake tasting and an appointment with the dress alterations. Moving right along:) Stay tuned for more updates.

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