Happy Belated Easter

I owe you a post. I haven’t shown you any pictures from last weekend’s weddings and here we are almost at this weekend’s weddings. I do apologize. Last weekend we had one day with 2 weddings. We had a beautiful wedding at the stable:

022 021 020 019 018 017 016 015 014 013 012 011 010 009 007 008 006 005 004 003 002

And we had a small wedding at the French Country Inn:

023 024 025 026 027 028

I can’t even remember Saturday’s dinner at this point. But Easter Sunday was yummy at my family’s house. I started off Easter morning with a great workout. I had the best runner’s high with goose bumps throughout my entire body, even on my cheeks. I kept hearing in my head “He is Risen!”. It was extremely powerful and moving. What a way to start off Easter Sunday. The day just kept getting better. We spent some time with my mom, sis, bro in law, niece, nephew and friend Csach. Lunch pictures were taken after lunch, not the prettiest:

045 044 043 042

But my family ARE the prettiest:

029 035 040 041 047 051 059 062 066 057 056 064 067 074 070

So much fun. We decorated cookies, then had a dance party. I made some yummy cupcakes:

photo(4) 046

A wonderful Easter!

This week has been productive.  We had our food tasting for the wedding. OM YUM! I ordered invitations and favors. I scheduled the cake tasting, and book the musicians. We have booked 2 out of 3 places to stay in Europe. I scheduled my dress alteration and found my flower girl dresses. moving right along 🙂

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