Life is Good!!!

I kind of haven’t wanted to post because I love the last post so much 😦 But it’s been an exciting,extremely busy couple of weeks over here. Extremely busy at work. It seems like a popular time to get engaged 😉 We have booked 25 new weddings this month so far, so that’s 25 new brides to meet with:) and we are gearing up for a busy spring wedding season. Much to do,little time.

We have also made a little headway with our very own wedding plans. We picked a date and looked at a couple of wedding venues. No, we are not getting married at Cross Creek Ranch. I know everyone was wondering. We are looking at something much different. Can’t say just yet, as we haven’t booked it, but here’s a little clue that really doesn’t give anything away, I had the best cup of coffee in my life there:


It is the most beautiful space I have seen in Tampa. That’s it, I’ll let you know more when I do.

I have missed posting the last few wedding set ups. This one was blush, sage and champagne and had lots of personal touches:

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And we had a beautiful pink, blue and gray. I loved the mason jars filled with candy sticks table numbers:

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This weekend we had one wedding in our new chapel. A purple and white beauty with upgraded linens and chair ties:

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I love my sweet brides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend Matt’s dad came to visit and we had a fun time. We managed to pack a lot into a little time, at the same time feeling relaxed and having fun. A micro vacation. After the wedding set up, we stopped by the potential venue, but it turned out being closed due to the Gasparilla craziness. Then we ended up at Kona Grill for a little snack and a beverage. We split the appetizer fish tacos:


We had dinner at the Crazy Buffet Saturday night, where I stuffed myself silly and totally veered from the uber healthy vegetarian way I’ve been eating lately. Here’s some pictures of probably half of what I ate:

019 020

After a good night’s sleep, we had a fun day Sunday. We went to the driving range and hit some balls:

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That was so much fun!!! We really should do that more often.

My dad is an awesome golfer. He used to build custom golf clubs. He was a master craftsman. He taught me how to golf and I used to “help” him in his golf shop. Good memories:)

After the driving range, we stopped at The Oldsmar Flea Market to look around. I ended up getting some running socks and Plant City Strawberries.

Then we headed to Clearwater beach for a late lunch at Frenchy’s. We got a great table outside by the beach. We all ordered various grouper sandwiches. So yum!

041 039

Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Weekend of My Life!!!!!!!

I owe you a post. I know, it’s been a while, but boy oh boy, do I have a post for you! The past week has been the best one of my life so far! I feel extremely blessed and lucky. I am going to marry the love of my life!!  Sweet man proposed, and I said “of course”!


I have to back track to last weekend to tell the engagement story.  I didn’t really see it coming. It was a normal weekend like most, started out with a wedding set up on Saturday. A beautiful wedding of fuscia, lime green and charcoal:

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After the wedding, I came home, ate a late lunch of unpictured leftover enchiladas. Then I got ready and we headed over to St. Pete for the Glow Run. It was a blast and I ran my fastest 5k ever. It wasn’t a timed event, but it appeared that I came in the 100-200 of a few thousand runners. It was a race meant for the fun of it, but I am training for the St Pete Rock and Roll half next month, and I wanted to push myself for a fast run. It felt amazing!!!!

021 023 032 034

After the race, we went to Square 1 Burger for some post race burgers:


They have great burgers! I got the “Firebird’, which is a spicy turkey burger. After dinner, I crashed hard. Long day at work, a speedy 5k,  a giant burger and some wine makes for one sleepy gal!

Sunday we had a wonderful day planned. We both had the day off. I woke up early, did some chores, relaxed, drank coffee, ate breakfast (cereal I think, it’s all a little fuzzy now, as what was about to happen is the monumentus of the day, the week, the month, the lifetime!).

I showered, got “comfortably perty” in my yoga pants and sweater. I packed up my camera and purse and announced “okay honey, I’m ready to go.”

He was sitting on the couch, and I was standing in the living room. The sweetest  look came over his face, and he said “I wanted to ask you something first”. He took me by the hand and led me to a place in the room where he could get down on one knee (just happened to be surrounded by our kitties), where he confessed his love for me and asked me to marry him. Tears welled in both our eyes, hands were shaking, and a long wonderful kiss followed my yes!

Elation, surprise, bliss followed and lasted throughout the day (and still now a week later). We continued on our day, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off this beauty!!! Wow!!!IMG_0104(1)

Our next stop was Sweetwater Organic Farmers Market. We picked up some salsas and produce:

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After the market, we headed to the Kaleisia Tea Lounge in Tampa. We had some tea and lunch,but we were busy making calls and sharing the good news with family, that I forgot to take pictures except for dessert:


2 small vegan cupcakes. The green one was my favorite. I loved the frosting! I think it was some kind of green tea cupcake?

After lunch, we picked up some champagne and headed back home to celebrate 🙂

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After a bottle of champagne and a light lunch, we came up with a crazy dinner of baked bean nachos;


It was the happiest day of my life!…So far, this year is going to be epic!