3 Beautiful Weddings

I was thankful for the extra hour of sleep this morning as I headed out to my 3rd wedding set up of the weekend.  We have had 5 weeks of 3 wedding weekends, and have a pretty easy rest of November with 2 more weekends of 2 weddings, then a weekend off for Thanksgiving 🙂

This weekend was 3 totally different but equally beautiful weddings.


Navy and sage with a pop of sunflower yellow.

I was craving a steak on the grill Friday night, so like any good grill master would do, I grilled up the perfect medium filet, served with a baked potato and salad:

Also, and bit of bbq chicken, grilled for sweet man.

Saturday was western theme in red and black:

Saturday night I was exhausted (wedding set ups are very labor intensive and take my energy). I took a nap afterwards, but was still too tired to go anywhere or even muster up the energy to cook.  After a hot bubble bath, we enjoyed Chinese take out on the couch in our jammies.

Today, (Sunday), I felt refreshed from the extra hour of sleep from the time change, and felt great for the 3rd set up:


I felt pretty energetic after the set up, so after I did my chores, showered and got prettied up, we headed to Miguel’s(my favorite Mexican restaurant in Tampa) for deliciousness:

No my belly is full and I’m totally relaxed and feel a great sense of accomplishment after he busy weekend. Good night 🙂

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