Thanksgiving and Babies 3rd Birthday Party

3 days have passed since Thanksgiving and I think I’m starting to come out of my food coma. We celebrated our blessings this year at my sister’s house.  I was in charge of the pumpkin pie, Grandma’s stuffed celery, stuffing, and green bean casserole. I had Wednesday off and I spent the day doing laundry, running errands, and cooking.  A perfect day in my book.

As I stood in my kitchen prepping and chopping walnuts for my Grandma’s stuffed celery, I couldn’t help but think of how many times, she must have done the exact same, and how time flies.  It made me appreciate the present, which is something I aim to do everyday.

Everything was delicious and I couldn’t ask for a better day, surrounded by those I love, ferociously hungry after my best 9 mile run ever. At one point in my run, I found myself simultaneously wishing for the run to fly by, but the next 4 days off to go really slow.  That point made me stop and appreciate the present again. I was able to enjoy the run at that moment.  Don’t wish any of it away!

Friday was a day of relaxation, laziness, Christmas decorating, and recovery.  I volunteered to take the turkey carcass home with me with plans to make post Thanksgiving turkey soup.

I picked the rest of the turkey off the bones, then put the poor bird’s remains in the stock pot with carrots, onions, celery, garlic powder, bay leaves,thyme, salt and pepper, and cooked for about 2 hours.  Then I strained it, added the turkey meat, leftover noodles, and the cut up veggies from the broth, and voila..Turkey Carcass Soup! FYI, don’t call it turkey carcass soup like I did, that didn’t go over too well 🙂

We also put up the Christmas tree:

Saturday was my niece and nephew’s 3rd birthday party at Happy Trails Farm.

Lori, who I work with owns this adorable little farm with her husband Javier, which was the perfect backdrop for a kid’s birthday party.  We fed the animals and rode the mini horse drawn carriage.

After the party, we went to Cappy’s for the best pizza in tampa:

Today (Sunday), was a fun day. Slept waaaaaaay in, went to brunch at The Brunchery:

Then went to the mall and looked at sparkly things 🙂  🙂  🙂

Life is good.  Back to work tomorrow and that’s even good.  Nitey night.

2 Weddings and a Commercial.

It was an exciting week. First we had a production crew at Cross Creek Ranch filming a Publix commercial.  They filmed a Quinceanera and a wedding.  I only got shots of the Quinceanera set.

Then we had a going away party for Kylen who will be leaving the office for what I imagine to be a much more challenging job of stay at home momma of a crew of kids.  We got her a cake and champagne:

I had the day off Thursday. I ran 12 long miles in the morning.  That will be my longest training run for my half marathon on December 9th, it’s taper time.  Next week, my long run will be 9 miles on Thanksgiving Day. Then I get to stuff myself silly and not feel a bit guilty…bonus!

After my run, my family came over and then we went to the mall to get Evan a hair cut, eat lunch in the food court and play:

He was such a good boy.

A peek at Santa.

I love them so much!!!!!!

In wedding news, I just finished up with our wedding set ups this weekend, and now I get a little break.  No weddings next weekend, and I will have 5 glorious days off over Thanksgiving.  I’m going to soak it up!  It will be busy, but a fun busy.  There will be Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorating, and my twinkies 3rd birthday party at the farm.

Saturday’s wedding:

I absolutely love this B the bride made with her grandmother’s jewelry:

Saturday night was a fun adventure.  Sweet man and I started out at Whole Foods because I wanted to check out their new wine and beer bar:

Be still my heart!

I had a glass of wine, but after trying Matt’s beer, I kind of wish I would have ordered that, it was sooo good.  It is locally brewed just down the street from my home at Cigar City Brewery. It’s the Limited Edition Maduro vanilla. My official favorite beer. We snacked on a cheese platter:

We enjoyed the Rogue Blue, saint Angel, which was like a brie, and the cheddar. The brie was delicious paired with pepper jam. Definitely going on my holiday party cheese tray!

After Whole foods, we decided to go to the Cigar City Brewery and hunt down more maduro vanilla, but they were sold out, they must have sold it all to Whole Foods.  We ended up doing a couple of beer tasting flights:

My favorite was the seasonal sugar plum. Great beers, if you live in Tampa and have never been to Cigar City Brewery, do yourself a favor and go.  They also offer tours for $5.00 and that includes a pint of beer to drink on the tour and you get to keep the glass.

On weekend evenings and nights, they usually have a food truck parked outside.  Saturday it was Mike’s Off the Hook.  A new food truck with a very promising future.  The prices were good and the food delicious.  I ordered the fish tacos, and Matt got the Hogan’s hero.

Somehow we then ended up at a bowling alley where Matt kicked my booty.

I’m the worst bowler and poor sport.  It’s my competitive nature. I’m pretty sure my 3-year-old niece is a better bowler than I am, in fact, I know she is. At least my bowling shoes were cool:

Matt’s a pretty good bowler.

Look at that form!

One thing I am pretty good at though is designing weddings.  Sunday’s pretty wedding:

I loved these sayings the bride made. They were quoted from friends and family of when they first met the bride and groom:

Now I’m going to be a couch potato and hit the hay early. Good night.