3 Wedding Weekend

Whew, where do I begin?  We are finally into our 3 wedding weekends at Cross Creek Ranch.  I am thrilled and exhausted. Before the wedding set up fun, let me yap about my fun night out Thursday at the Yelp event I attended. Yelp hosted an event for all Yelpers at Outback Steakhouse. Outback is introducing a new “small plates” and drinks menu for the bar area, and I was invited to test it out.

The drinks were flowing freely and my favorite was the forbidden fruit tini, which tasted like fall in a glass with its apple vodka, elderberry liquor in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass. Yum! I had 2.  My favorite small plate was the Diablo, which was a skewer of tender steak chunks served atop a chewy toasted bread, drizzled with a spicy, flavorful sauce. I tried a little bit of everything, except the beef wellington, which I ended up ordering later when we sat down for dinner.


Pork nachos (not my favorite):

Beef wellington:

Chicken Cobb Salad:

My girl Nichole, love this chicky!

I had a blast and hope to make yelp elite status soon so I can enjoy more of these fun perks.

Even after enjoying all the yummy cocktails, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed Friday morning for a beautiful wedding set up. It was very pretty and natural in shades of green and neutral tones;

I finally got home from work at 6:30 and knew I just had to run that 3 miles that was scheduled for my training plan. So I laced up my running shoes and ran hard and fast.  At this point, I just wanted to be done moving, so I ran my fastest 3 miles ever at a pace of 9 minute miles.

Then I showered and made a quick dinner of salmon patties over a salad.  For the patties, I simply mixed 2 cans of boneless skinless salmon with one egg, 3 chopped scallions, 1/4 cup of panko bread crumbs, salt and pepper.  Formed them into patties and pan fried in a couple tablespoons of canola oil:

After dinner, I promptly passed out on the couch.  I got a restful night’s sleep and was feeling refreshed for Saturday’s stunning wedding of purple and turquoise:

After the set up, I went home, rested for a couple of minutes, showered and got pretty for date night at Villagio.  A sweet bride tipped me with a gift certificate to her favorite Italian restaurant, and I finally got the chance to use it.  I can see why it is her favorite.  It was the best lasagne I have EVER EATEN!!! AMAZING!

Salad, bruschetta, and garlic knots to start:

And the lasagne, ooooooo the lasagne:

And a side of meatballs, because I love meatballs:

Sweet man got the chicken parmesan:

And tiramisu for dessert:

Thank you so much Andy!!!! I loved it!!!

After dinner, I was quick into yoga pants and passed out snuggled up with sweetie on the couch.

Sunday was a beautiful wedding set up:

I couldn’t bring myself to run the 4 miles on my plan after this 3rd set up, so I plan to run 5 tomorrow, that seems like a fair trade. I did manage to make a pretty good dinner.  Chicken baked with sweet hot teriyaki sauce, red peppers, onions and brussel sprouts, and fingerling potatoes:

And now, I am thoroughly exhausted and ready to curl up and sleep. Good night.

Fall Weddings

This past weekend we had our first multiple wedding weekend at Cross Creek Ranch. Saturday’s wedding was perfectly simple in yellow and blue.  The bride cried when she saw it.  I love that 🙂

Saturday evening, I met up with sweet man at Maloney’s in the Westchase area of Tampa.  He had played a charity golf tournament with my brother in law, and my sister and I met them there afterwards for drinks and dinner and a raffle.  Pictures escaped me in the all the excitement.  3 out of 4 of my raffle tickets were winners.  I scored a t shirt, golf ball markers and a $50 gift certificate to Roy’s!!! Woohoo!

Sunday’s wedding was our one and only fall wedding that did a traditional fall color scheme:

I love fall colors. I love everything pumpkin, I love the caramel apple cobbler I had for dessert at Sweet Tomatoes this evening. I love boots and scarves and all the cozy things that I haven’t gotten a chance to wear.  Okay Florida, get with the program, I can do without the 89 degree highs.  At this point, I would be happy with 80 degree high.  Please, please give me some chilly evenings and cooler days!

After work I came home and made it 10 feet in the door before collapsing into a sweating heap on the living room floor where I napped for 30 minutes before getting the motivation up to shower. I managed to get just preesntable enough for dinner at aforementioned Sweet Tomatoes.  I figured I could get away with going out to eat in my pajamas if I sleep in my yoga clothes tonight 😉

Next weekend we start our 3 wedding weekends.  Yikes, I’m gonna need more yoga pants 🙂