Half Way

We are officially half way through Fall 2012 season at Cross Creek Ranch, which only means we have completed half of the weddings that start in September and finish at the end of December.  However, we go straight into Spring Season 2013 starting January with not much of a break at all in between.  Spring season goes from January until the end of May, and then we don’t have any weddings in the summer.

But I celebrate the half way mark, because it’s the little milestones that get me through the crazy busy times.

This past weekend we had 3 weddings.  Friday’s wedding was purple and orange:

I thought this was the cutest thing! The bride and groom were high school sweethearts and they did a mock wedding in high school, and the date was one day off from their actual wedding!! Amazing!!

Friday night was an easy meal of sloppy joes and roasted carrots, potatoes, and onions.

Saturday’s wedding was a deep shade of purple, apple green, and peach, and we used long banquet tables:

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner out at Roy’s.  We both ordered off the prix fixe menu.  I ordered the shrimp wonton appetizer and they brought out some complimentary edamame.  Since it was our first time there, they also brought out a sample of their sushi and somehow those pictures have gone missing. For dinner, I ordered the salmon:

It was just okay, appetizers were excellent, but the salmon was on the salty side. For dessert I ordered the molten chocolate cake:

That was delicious!  All 3 courses for $34.95.  Pretty expensive, especially the pineapple martinis we got, yikes! Probably will not go back, there are so many other special occasion restaurants I want to try.

Sunday’s wedding was deep purple, mauve, orange, and peach with a splash of fall in the form of pumpkins and pinecones:

By Sunday evening I was wiped out! Somehow I dragged myself into the shower, got half way presentable and went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes for my usual monstrous salad, multiple soups, blueberry muffin, and chocolate chip cookies.

It’s already Tuesday at this point and I’m looking forward to my first day off in 10 days tomorrow.  On the agenda: Run 10 miles, finish Halloween costume and trick or treat with my twinkies.  Stay tuned for pictures of our costumes 🙂

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