Moss Green and Ivory Wedding

Saturday was the last wedding of September at Cross Creek Ranch. From now on, it’s multiple wedding weekends until Thanksgiving. The wedding was small with only 68 guests, but it took a surprisingly long time to set up.  There were a lot of details and a gazebo that sucked me in for over an hour:

It turned out really pretty.  I loved the bride’s personal touches.  I didn’t get a picture of the biscuit bar.  Fresh hot biscuits with various jams and spreads.

After the set up I hurriedly washed up changed and met with a new bride. I felt bad that I was so sweaty from the HOOOOT set up.  I was glad we could make it work to meet because she is from out-of-town and couldn’t possibly make it during the week.  I try to be accommodating, but it just isn’t easy to conduct meetings during weddings. I made it work though.

When I got home, I had a little house work to tend to before I could shower and sink into my couch.  I didn’t move much the rest of the night.  Dinner came to me.  Pizza from Old Manhattan, delivered;

Today (Sunday), I slept in, enjoyed a hot cup of coffee brewed with some pumpkin pie spice and laced with Smores flavored creamer.  I was in heaven for 2 cups. Then I got moving and did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned, ran 3 miles, prepped a bunch of healthy foods; cut carrots, celery, peppers, lettuce, honeydew melon, boiled eggs, and made dinner and lunches for the next 2 days because I’ll be working late.

On another note. My mind has been spinning away lately with some big ideas.  If you could do anything your heart desired without fear or obligations holding you back, what would you do?

4 thoughts on “Moss Green and Ivory Wedding

  1. I second Nichole’s comment. I also love the idea of a biscuit bar, yum! And to answer your question, if I could do anything without anything holding me back, I would travel around the world and blog. 🙂

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