My Birthday Request.

I celebrated my 36th birthday Tuesday.  I can’t believe I’m 36!!  Time is going faster and faster every year.  It really needs to slow down, there are many things I want to do.  I know I have a long life ahead of me, but somethings have a time limit 🙂 hint hint.  Slow down time, please!

My birthday was wonderful.  I spent the morning relaxing and had a great run.  I spent the afternoon with my mom. And the evening with my mom and sweetie at Texas Cattle Company.  Dinner was great, service was, meh! I do think the one in Lakeland is better than St. Petersburg.

I got showered with love and gifts and happy day Facebook wishes.  It was perfect.

Can I ask all of you for a belated birthday gift?  It would mean so much to me.

Ya see there’s this beautiful kitty named Rhowasa who left our earth to go to kitty heaven recently.  Rhowasa’s parents are honoring her by entering her photo in a pet photo contest, in the hopes that she will win and be able to donate her winnings to the Faithful Friends animal shelter.

Isn’t she precious? This picture is from her 12th birthday. Please vote for her by clicking the following link;

Vote for Rhowasa here

The site is now getting very cloggy if alot of voting is going on, and sometimes I have to refresh it a few times to get the “vote view” to open up (it’s the easiest since Rhowasa, for now, is on the top row).
If that is taking too long, I use the alphabetical view and she’s currently on page 5.
Please vote today and every day through September 29th. I couldn’t think of a better birthday gift than helping kitties and family.  Thanks so much 🙂


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