First Wedding of the Season – Brown, Lime Green and Orange

Yesterday was officially the first day of wedding season.

Earlier this week, the wonderful staff over at Hilton Garden Inn threw us a season kick off party.  Devon is one of our sweet brides who we work with over at the Hilton to ensure an amazing guest experience for our couples and their wedding guests.

Hi Devon!!!

The spread was amazing, complete with oysters, shrimp, and a carving station:

It was fun hanging out with the gals outside of the work setting:

Alta, Bonnie, Ginger, Mina, Jill, and me.  Some of the incredible ladies that make Cross Creek Ranch a success.Jean and Mina, who are responsible for all the incredible silk florals.

More of the gang.  We had a blast.

We worked hard all week to make sure all of our ducks were in a row.  By Saturday, it was game on.  We were prepared and had a successful set up.

Here I am ready for my first day. (I felt like a kid going back to school)

The wedding colors were brown, lime green, and orange, and it was beautiful.

This favor display was going to have Krispy Kreme donut 2 packs (one brown icing, one lime green), So stinkin cute! They were to be put on at the very last minute. It was HOT out there!!! Although I do love a nice warm out of the oven Krispy Kreme, I didn’t want that icing sliding off.

Tree planting ceremony.

Fans and programs;

The bride did a wonderful job with all her personal special touches.

This set up wore me out!! I was thinking that this is only the first one, how am I going to do soooo many more?  I know my body will get used to it when we start getting into 3 weddings per weekend. But after this one, I came home, rested, made a quick dinner of pizzas on various breads, then passed out on the couch at 8:30 and slept for 12 solid glorious hours.

This morning, I was feeling well rested, so I tackled the laundry and cleaning, made some hard boiled eggs and brown rice for the week, ran 3 miles, and had a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes:

I must have still been tired, because I took a nice long nap after I stuffed myself silly.

Now I’m relaxing and enjoying my Sunday evening.  Back to work tomorrow to prepare for next weekend’s wedding 🙂 Here we go!

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