Fun Day of Beauty.

Wednesday a day of beauty as I let the professionals polish me into a model.  I started my day getting my hair highlighted, cut, and styled.

The beautiful Lisa did a wonderful job fixing my major root problem.

(No make-up at this point, yikes!)

You know you have a good hairdresser when you move 30 miles from her but make the drive.  It’s so hard to find a good one.  3 hours later (I have a ton of hair!), I was blond and loving it!

Next stop was Cross Creek Ranch where the team of Collective Creations painted my face.  It was the first time I have tried the airbrush foundation and I loved it!!! And they did a beautiful job on my eyes.  Much better than I do on mine, and I even used to be a make-up artist. I even got some false lashes put on.

 It was a lot more make-up than I’m used to wearing, but what a difference it makes in photographs.

Some of the Cross Creek Ranch staff got our headshots done.  I’m excited to see them!! My sister works for the same company, and we were able to get some fun sister shots together.

Since we were gorgeous, we decided to head over to Kona Grill for dinner.

  It was happy hour, half off bottles of wine and appetizer, so we ordered a bottle of chardonnay and split 3 apps.  Sweet and Spicy shrimp:

avocado eggrolls:

bbq chicken flat bread:

It was an awesome day!!! I can’t wait to see the headshots from Duncan Photography.

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