Semblance of Normalcy

Today was the first day since moving that I have started to feel settled in.  I had the most normal feeling day that I have had in weeks.  I started off with an actual breakfast of cereal with almond milk and bananas:

After a leisurely morning of breakfast and coffee, I made my way to the new apartment gym for some bicep work and a 5K on the dreadmill.  Oh, I can’t wait until the weather cools off a little so I can get back to running outside.

Post work-out, I refueled with a green smoothie.  How long has it been since I had one of those?

Then, I went to work for a few hours and met with a lovely bride. We designed her wedding and came up with some beautiful and unique things. Such as incorporating rock candy into the centerpiece. The addition of candy is always a good idea to me. I just came up with the most genius centerpiece idea eva!!!! I’m might just keep this one for myself though 😉

A late lunch at work was the other day’s leftovers of chicken with veggies and potato.

After work I picked up honey at the airport.  I’m so glad he’s home and we can start settling into our new place together.  We looked at his old baby pictures that he brought back from his grandparent’s house in New York 🙂 And I cooked up some fajitas for dinner:

It’s starting to feel like home, ahhhh!

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