Moving the Cats :(

It is done.  The hardest part of moving. Last night Matt and I moved my kitties into our new apartment.  It wasn’t quite as bad as last year’s move, but it was still awful. Squiggy gave me heck getting him into his cage:

We finally got them in the carriers and loaded them into the car for the longest 20 minute drive ever.  They cried and moaned and panted like crazy.  Boo threw up and pooped in his cage.  Poor guy. But when we finally got there, they came out of their carriers and started exploring right away.  Boo and Minnie even braved the spiral staircase up to the loft:

Last move, it took them 24 hours to get out and explore.  Progress!

I was a nervous exhausted and sweaty wreck at the end of the night.  Nothing that a glass of wine or 2 and a bubble bath in my new tub couldn’t fix:

Ahhhhh, good to be home 🙂

5 thoughts on “Moving the Cats :(

  1. Hi, Emilee! I did not know you live in Tampa…so do I! And we also have four cats. Coincidence, eh?
    BTW, one of my cat’s is named Emily!

      • I don’t even remember! I do lots of Google searches for stuff. I am guessing that I must have seen something of yours that piqued my interest. It may have been because you love the beach as do I. I used to live directly on Old Tampa Bay and could see the bay and the sunsets from my windows. It was gorgeous. I now live in West Tampa, not as gorgeous, but still enjoyable. Your cats are adorable. We have a solid black cat, too. I am enjoying your blog!

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