Moving in with Sweet Man: Part One

One move down, one to go.  This weekend we moved Matt from his downtown Tampa apartment into our first apartment together.  Moving is always a mix of excitement and stress.  The movers came bright and early Saturday morning.  Everything went really fast and smooth while they packed up his apartment.  We were able to have a little fun and snap some shots of our last day of the best view of Tampa:

A little paper airplane fun:

Do you see it?

Mine went straight down…fast!

The new apartment is awesome!!! The only thing I’m a little worried about is the 25 foot high loft.  It wasn’t until we signed the lease and got the keys that I was able to see it and realize how high up it is.  I know it will be okay, but I can’t help but worry about my kitties and that high loft.  I know they won’t jump off, but I’ve seen Boo fall off the couch before after getting too relaxed and rolling over. They’ll be okay, right?
That’s not the only challenge this wonderful loft space has provided.  We had to get a couch up there.  There was no way it was going up this beautiful spiral staircase:

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a spiral staircase.  I didn’t even remember that until I walked in and saw this. Thankfully, I have a smart man who figured out how to get that couch up there.  Straps and pulling is genius!

After the move, we headed back to his old apartment to clean.  We grabbed a late lunch at Subway on the way back.  I got the sweet onion teriyaki 6 inch sub on 9 grain wheat with some baked chips:

After cleaning, we went back to my place to be with the kitties. (The big kitty move will take place on Tuesday. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!) I was too tired to think about cooking anything for dinner, so we ordered pizza and wings:

Sunday we slept in, relaxed.  Did some house work, and we finally made it out to visit my friend Lori.  Lori is my good friend with the adorable log cabin on the farm.

Cookies snuggled up to Matt:

After a nice visit with my friends, we picked up some Chinese food and snuggled into our new place for the night:

Blow up mattresses are very cozy during the move in process.  Just a few more days, and I’ll move the rest of my stuff in.  Exciting!

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