Crazy Fun Day

Saturday morning I woke up with a small goal.  That goal was to find my beloved Rossi Pasta at the Ybor City farmer’s market.  I started my morning with a yogurt parfait that I picked up at Subway Friday, I have been majorly low on food since the move.

After my tiny breakfast, I went to the gym for a 5k on the treadmill. It felt sooo good!!!

Then I showered and we headed to the farmer’s market.  My pasta stand wasn’t there, I was sooo disappointed!!!! Instead I got a crazy $7.00 loaf of rosemary Italian bread.

The craziness started there and just got more crazy as the day marched on.

For lunch, I wanted to try La Creperia Cafe.  I had high hopes to find a crepe like I had in Paris, so I ordered the ham and cheese crepe ( I had one a day for 4 weeks in Paris…LOVE!), but I was sadly disappointed as a giant overstuffed with cheese crepe came to the table.  It was WAY too much cheese.  It had a good flavor, but not like my Paris crepes 😦

I have always wanted to ride the trolleys in Ybor City, so we decided to board the trolley in Centro Ybor and head to Channelside:

At Channelside, they were gearing up for the Republic National Convention:

We stopped in Splitsville for a refreshments.  I had an ice-cold beer, which is totally out of the ordinary for me.  Even crazier, we both decided to do a shot of tequila!!! Who are we?  What a crazy day!

We did sober up and make our way back to the trolley for the ride back to Ybor City. After a few more pictures, we started our journey back home:

Then we stopped at Publix to stock up on some and  groceries hurricane supplies.  Here’s my hurricane plan:

Hah, this sign was posted up at a bar at Channelside.  Such a fun crazy day!!!  But in all seriousness, I pray for the safety of everyone as Tampa gears up for the RNC and tropical storm/ hurricane Isaac.

I may not have found my pasta that I love so much.  But I made an awesome homemade pasta sauce for dinner.

Served over whole wheat spaghetti and a salad on the side.

For the sauce, I browned some ground chicken in olive oil, added half an onion diced, and 2 cloves of garlic minced. I seasoned with fennel seeds, red pepper flakes, dried basil and oregano, salt and pepper. For the “sauce” part, I simply took a large can of Cento San Marzano peeled tomatoes, pureed them in the blender and added to pan.  I simmered on low for about and hour and added fresh basil at the end.

Simple and delicious!

Fun Day of Beauty.

Wednesday a day of beauty as I let the professionals polish me into a model.  I started my day getting my hair highlighted, cut, and styled.

The beautiful Lisa did a wonderful job fixing my major root problem.

(No make-up at this point, yikes!)

You know you have a good hairdresser when you move 30 miles from her but make the drive.  It’s so hard to find a good one.  3 hours later (I have a ton of hair!), I was blond and loving it!

Next stop was Cross Creek Ranch where the team of Collective Creations painted my face.  It was the first time I have tried the airbrush foundation and I loved it!!! And they did a beautiful job on my eyes.  Much better than I do on mine, and I even used to be a make-up artist. I even got some false lashes put on.

 It was a lot more make-up than I’m used to wearing, but what a difference it makes in photographs.

Some of the Cross Creek Ranch staff got our headshots done.  I’m excited to see them!! My sister works for the same company, and we were able to get some fun sister shots together.

Since we were gorgeous, we decided to head over to Kona Grill for dinner.

  It was happy hour, half off bottles of wine and appetizer, so we ordered a bottle of chardonnay and split 3 apps.  Sweet and Spicy shrimp:

avocado eggrolls:

bbq chicken flat bread:

It was an awesome day!!! I can’t wait to see the headshots from Duncan Photography.