Painting With The Blogger Gals

What a great weekend I had!  It started out Friday night with a fun night out with the Tampa Bay Blogger Gals.  We all met at Painting With a Twist for a marvelous evening of painting and wine drinking.

Hmmm, somebody clearly did not follow the rules here.  Growing up, I was always a little bit different and more than a little rebellious (Sorry mom).  Being and thinking different wasn’t the easiest path to take, but now I embrace it.  But I don’t give mom a hard time anymore 😉

You can bring in your own snacks and wine.  I can’t say that the wine helped with the quality of my painting, but I sure had a great time and will definitely be going back.

After the class,  I headed downtown to meet my love at his place.  I was starving so we grabbed a late dinner at taco bus:

We laughed and talked and spent a terrific night together.
Saturday was just as wonderful.  He got me breakfast to have at his place since he knows I can’t go without it.  How sweet.  I didn’t catch a picture of my Greek yogurt with banana and crumbled blueberry muffin on top.  After a relaxing morning, we hit the gym where I had the best run I’ve had in a loooong time.  Maybe it was the view from the treadmill:

Beautiful. I’ll miss this view.  But the view of waking up to his face every morning in our new place will be totally worth it!!! (Sappy love stuff ❤ )

After the workout and shower, we had lunch at Fresh;

We split 2 paninis.  The Summer, and the Red.  Summer is the clear favorite.  We also had an oreo frozen yogurt with butterfingers for dessert.  I did take a picture, but it is nowhere to be found.  This ended up pretty much being my only big meal of the day.  I stayed full through dinner.
Saturday night we Finished up Taken.  It was an HBO miniseries in 2002, and it is awesome!!!. Ever seen it?

Sunday was a relaxing day.  A late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes:

Which ended up again being my only meal.  My appetite wasn’t its usual self. I usually eat every 3 hours.  Then we ran some errands and did some more relaxing.

AMAZING weekend 🙂

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