Lazy Debby

I suppose this weekend was just what I needed. A constant rain pretty much kept us inside thanks to tropical storm Debby..

It was a perfectly lazy rainy weekend. There was a lot of this going on:

Saturday we did manage to get out to the grocery store. That was the big event of the day. That and making rice krispy treats:

That’s one way to get the marshmallows in the pot.
Eats of the day:

Fruit and cereal over Greek yogurt for breakfast.

Salad for lunch.
And a Pinterest find for dinner. Portabello cheese steak sandwiches

Delicious! Oh and some rice krispy treats of course.
Sunday started out with another rice krispy treat for breakfast.

Then more lazing around. Veggies and dip for lunch:

We ventured out this evening to get some yummy pizza at Cappy’s.  Such a fun place with Trivia Pursuit cards on the table:


Love their pizza:

It’s Sunday night, still raining, and I’m sure there are going to be a few more rice krispy treats consumed before the night is over. Ahhhh…perfection!

Hippie Weekend

Ahhhh, I do love my weekends. They are a precious few since I’m in the wedding business and during wedding season, I work every weekend. So I try to make the most out of my weekends during the summer.

This weekend started out Friday night. I got home late and had a Groupon for Mellow Mushroom. We split the bbq chicken and Mellowterranean pizzas:

I had one piece of each. Meh, just okay, I wasn’t crazy about it. I was excited about the mary jane brownie that claimed to be an “experience”.

I gotta say, it was not a good experience. It was dry and crumbly and disappointing. I did however walk out of the restaurant carrying the black book with the check in it, so maybe that brownie was an experience 😉 Or maybe I was just tired and loopy, either way, it made us laugh, so it’s all good.

Saturday, I slept in and had a wonderfully lazy morning.
When we finally did get moving, we went to the 1st Annual Tampa Food and Restaurant Expo at the fairgrounds. I had a Groupon.

Unfortunately,I was disappointed in this event too. It advertised 250 food and restaurant vendors giving out samples. I would say there were closer to 30, with half charging for samples. Too bad, so sad. Oh well. The genius sweet man recommended going to Taste of India for their lunch buffet. Score!

I tried a little bit of everything:

After lunch, we stopped at Moreno Bakery where I was able to satisfy my brownie craving with a rich, moist, fudgy brownie:

Saturday night, we stayed in and watched a movie (Eat, Pray, Love), total chick flick, thanks honey, you’re a trooper 🙂 I never got hungry for dinner after all that food, so we just ended up munching our way through the evening, popcorn, candy, chips, oh my!

I also got inspired to tie dye a few white shirts that had stains on them. Thanks to Pinterest and a well stocked pantry I was able to have fun and get 3 new shirts.

I followed the instructions for a tank top and t-shirt, and mixed it up a bit, using pure cranberry juice on another t-shirt.

Soaked for an hour, then rinsed:

Then hung to dry overnight:

This morning, I rinsed them again, then washed them. The turmeric yellow ones stayed pretty much the same, only a little lighter, but the cranberry juice shirt went from pink to gray, which I liked even more.

This is a great way to recycle old stained white shirts. I love them.

Today was pretty low-key. A lot of relaxing, lunch at Pita’s Republic. We split a gyro:

This was the perfect amount since it was a late lunch and I was planning a nice dinner. After lunch, we looked around Kohl’s for a while, then did the weekly grocery shop at Publix.

For dinner, I made gazpacho using this recipe I found on Pinterest. Click Here: Gazpacho
It turned out really tasty!
I also made a grain mix from Trader Joes, and salmon for me, shrimp skewers for him:

For the shrimp, I put some s & p on them and threw them on the George Foremen. I brushed a couple with BBQ sauce, and the others with a sweet and sour sauce.

For them salmon, I mixed 2 T honey with 1 T Dijon mustard and brushed on salmon with s&p. Baked at 350 for 15 minutes. Perfection!

A wonderful, relaxing weekend. I’m looking forward to many more 🙂 Nite nite, and Happy Father’s day! I love you Dad!