Annual Yockey Family Vacation Begins!

I’ve been enjoying the annual Yockey family vacation, and this year is epic. All five of my dad’s kids are together enjoying great food and plenty of shenanigans in a beautiful house on a lake with a private beach. It’s a big crew with my dad, his wife Vickie, her son Micah, her mom “Granny”,my sister Allison, her husband Drew, their twins, Evan and Grace, Me and Matt, My brother Matthew, My brother Chris, my sister Nathalie, her husband Edgar, and their daughter Bella. We are missing Vickie’s son Sebastion and Matthew’s twins Kimberln and Katrina. The youngest of my dad’s grandchildren are getting to know each other.

Friday we hung out by the pool and the lake:

Our eating arrangements involve everyone taking a night to host a meal. Friday night belonged to Edgar, my baby sister’s husband. And let me tell you, this man can cook!!!! He made us the best chicken fajitas I have ever tasted. I helped him chop:

Served with toasty tortillas and homemade pico. I was in heaven. I will be trying to re-create his recipe ASAP:

Friday night ended with some sibling shenanigans, and everyone getting thrown into the pool by my brother Matthew. I was the first victim.
That was Friday.

Saturday we met at the Jerk Hutt in Tampa for a Jamaican experience for lunch. I got the jerk chicken sandwich and had a little of Matt’s salad:

Then it was off to the races:

Then I thought it would be a good idea to go on the bungee trampoline:

This is not for 35 year olds πŸ™‚ It was really hard! And boy was I sore the next day.

Dinner was me and Matt’s turn and I was nervous to follow Edgar’s amazing meal. I decided to try a low country boil for the first time. It sounded fun and easy with very little clean up. That’s my kind of meal. You basically just boil potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, crab legs and shrimp in a giant pot with Old Bay Seasoning:

Then you drain it and dump it out onto the table on some newspaper.

Eat on paper plates with your hands, then roll up the mess in the newspaper when your done. And it was delicious!!!
Saturday night, more shenanigans ensued:

Remember the brother that pushed me in the pool?

Hehe… Permanent marker does come off, FYI.
Later the shots came out and things got really silly:

I am also much too old for this much fun. I felt horrible Sunday! No more shots for me.

Sunday, I laid around most of the day and finally made it back to the lake house for dinner. Allison made an amazing lasagne that hit the spot:

After dinner I hung out on the beach and enjoyed some smores on the fire:

I got a good night’s sleep Sunday and hit the gym hard Monday morning. I had a green smoothie to help detox. Then the girls went shopping. Window shopping for me πŸ™‚

Monday night’s dinner was the famous Yockey family Swiss Macaroni and Cheese, made by the master himself:

Plus a little more for seconds. When you only get this special treat once a year, I say you can go all out. Delicious!!!!!!

Today is Tuesday, and we are going to be heading to the beach this afternoon. Stayed tuned for more Yockey adventures!!

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