Down On the Farm

My friend Lori invited me over Thursday to her beautiful little farm. Lori works with me at Cross Creek Ranch. She lives nearby on a quaint little farm in a log cabin. It is the perfect place for a kid’s birthday party. She has mini horses and a cart and can do mini horse-drawn cart rides for the kids and adults. She has all kinds of fun animals; pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, horses, donkey, kittens, dogs, peacocks, fish. Lori is my supplier of local organic eggs. She also offers romantic guided horse trail rides that end with a bottle of wine on the porch of her log cabin, overlooking her farm. that would be a great opportunity for engagement photos.  Her whole farm would actually.  I’m always thinking weddings 🙂

I love his hair! His name is Frank.

These kittens are looking for a good home.

Mama peacock with her babies.

The horses were amazing:

Her name is Gracie. I love that name 🙂

Then there was the donkey named Cookies. I was afraid when she came running straight towards me:

But it turns out, Cookies is just a giant loveable dog trapped in a donkey body. We bonded instantly:

I got to feed the pigs:

And the chickens:

And the horses:

And the baby chicks;

And the goats:

I even got to try my hand at milking the goat:

I didn’t do so great.  But Lori is an expert:

I hope I get to try some of her mother’s homemade goat cheese. Yum!

I love cats.

Peacocks are so loud! And they fly up into the trees to roost at night:

This guy climbed the ladder.

I got to gather some eggs.

Lori made us a wonderful spread of nibbles and we enjoyed some wine:

I love her house:

Thank you for having me over Lori.  I had a blast!!!!!

De-Clutter and Simplify

It’s time to purge. I’m inspired to get rid of the clutter and simplify. First up old magazines and books.

These items went out by the dumpster and hopefully have become useful to somebody else.

I have also recently taken lots of clothes to a great consignment shop I found.  So far I have made about $150.00 on clothes that I would have taken to the Goodwill.  Score!

I also have some items that will be going on Ebay or Caigslist:

First up twin beds with matresses and night stand.  The frames are antique, solid wood, and very well made:

I also have a pampered chef apple peeler/corer/slicer up for grabs:

And a picture:

I still have some rooms to de- clutter.  I’m ready to let go.